Don’t EVER buy Business Class…

We managed to get some sort of weird seat sale on business class tickets from Bangkok to Delhi (a five hour flight) a few months ago when we looked into it. The economy tickets were the same price as usual, but the business class tickets were almost half of their regular price!. For only $25 more per person compared to an economy class ticket, we had a glimpse into a lifestyle that is regretful to even know about now… (I am a bit of a hic, for anyone new here.)

First we got to que jump the check-in and waited barely a couple minutes for one guy at the counter ahead of us. Sadly, the economy fare line was only about a dozen people and not the 40-50 people (90 minute wait) that we had sometimes encountered previously. It was still nice even just skipping a few people though. Then it was off through security and to our own (almost) private lounge. There were big comfy chairs, huge windows with a view of the tarmac, and power plugs galore to use! There were also a half dozen internet enabled computers (only one of which was being used). This was one lounge out of three available near different gates in the International terminal. About a half hour before our flight, Luke found the complimentary food and drink area (beers, pops, highballs) and we pigged out on a variety of snacks and deserts. This abundance of luxurious living was all before getting on the plane even!

Then we took our seats in row three! We watched as our delightful stewardess closed the curtains on the cattle packed back in economy class, looking forlornly at us before being cut off. We had super deluxe touch screens with all sorts of programming and games. Economy had only audio and dinky little shared ceiling screens (with common programming) every six seats or so, (I went and checked). Of all our flights so far (25) we had only had these super deluxe touch screens with customizable programming twice before in economy.

Before departure came the menu choices. It wasn’t a slap down of a tray of commonly heated food, no sir-ee! We had a five course dining experience where we had to choose between one of three items in most categories. Mmmmm, even after pigging out on the free goodies in the lounge I was salivating at the thought. I also kept the menu to mail home later as a souvineer. yeah, I’m a big hic, but I warned everyone of that before.

During the entire flight we had two stewardesses devoted to business class. That was only six rows of four seats, but just thirteen people! What a ratio! After a most relaxing plane ride, we disembarked before the curtains behind us were lifted and got on a tarmac bus to take us to the terminal. We got standing area near the door and were prepared to be crushed by the throng of people. Odly (to us) people stopped coming off the plane and the bus doors were closed after us thirteen snobs got on, and we went to the terminal in golden silence and comfort. This is a HUGE deal of course, not only for the uncrowded five minute bus ride, but to be first in line for immigration and passport control meant another 20-45 minute lineup was gone out the window.

Lastly, our bags were previously marked as “important!” and they were collected from the luggage conveyor and brought to a certain area. It had a sign requesting that Business & First Class passengers need not rub elbows with the riff-raff pushing and crowding around the turnstile. We need only wait there at the sign, away from the melee, and our bags would be fought for and courteously brought to us. What a way to go! I don’t know how I can ever go back to economy class again!!!

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  1. Rick says:

    Geez! Spelling and grammatical errors abound in my recent posts… I’ve just fixed this one up, and will go back to the previous two for refinements as well.