New Blog for YOU!

That’s right… For all our friends and family to throw up some news, gossip tidbits or whatever. Being that we’ve missed some pretty major events while traveling. (Examples: Canadian dollar above the Bush dollar, $100/barrel of oil, Alice’s accident, Lawrie’s passing, economy purported to be about ready to tank, Aussie election results, Brian & Coco leaving town.)

Sadly, this means that people will need to sign up again for the new blog. Luckily you’ve (mostly) all done it once and are easily familiar with the simple process. The address is as simple as this one:

So come one, come all! Send us your dinner stories, birthday party stories, and home news that comes to mind that we won’t read at It’s even really simple to upload pictures to within the same blog posting you are making. Have Fun!

One Response to “New Blog for YOU!”

  1. Tim says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the plug, Rick. Now, if we can only get some of our non-bloggy friends to sign up for this thing, we’ll be in business.

    I explained to the kids what a blog was, and even though they are fuzzy about the concept, they understand that it is an easy way to write to Luke and Alex, so they will do that this weekend.