Doing Nut’in, at the Beach…

We keep hearing stories from other travelers (friends & strangers alike) about how carzy busy and expensive Goa is. Kevin & Laura even strongly suggested staying either North or South of the tiny state. So, in kovalam we switched hotels to a much less expensive one that’s right on the beach, and have decided to stay even longer and do nothing. Claudette had a slightly adverse reaction to the Malerone, and has stopped taking it. The kids and I are generally fine with it though.

The beach is nice, with a pretty big wave, and a nice (but short when the tide is in) beach. We’ve negotiated down to $54/night for the room, so that helps our bank account a bit. The sun is shining and life is good! We plan on leaving Kovlam now about Jan 31. From here wee will head North a bit to Kollam or Allipy (sp?) for a houseboat tour, and then wander further North to Mumbai for our Feb 11 departure.

Hope all is well back home (and by home, I am of course referring to Canada AND Australia) with everyone!

2 Responses to “Doing Nut’in, at the Beach…”

  1. keizerklan says:

    Enjoy the beach, sun and surf. It is DAMN cold up here! We have been experiencing the minus 40’s!


  2. Rick says:

    Thanks, we will. And we do genuinely fell badly about everyone at home in the cold. We don’t certainly don’t miss THAT part of our winters at all. Maybe down to -15 or so…
    When do you have to book your time off for meeting up this Spring in Italy? We should start firming up dates between you, us and the Gauthiers so we can start looking for a villia to rent for a couple weeks (as we talked about and planed a year or so ago).