WOW, we’re finally back on board since the Galapagos. We booked a boat for two nights we are just about to have our second night on board we leave tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.When we got on the boat we explored the boat I found a part that you could have a good view and a nice place to read . We left the dock at 11:00 AM ( of course you knew that is was AM whey would we leave at PM thats a bit to late to be leave ) and then I read the book harry potter 6 and number 7 now now I have read 1 though 7 it took me 26 days ( it took Alex 2 month to read the first book but she was in grade 2 at the time ) I did not care much for the food it was a bit spicy but the last meal for dinner was the best the meat did not have any sauce . but the bad thing was that the ribs were to small to be a chicken (maybye rat 🙁 )

really missing everybody,love Luke : )

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