I really didn’t mean to throw out my sea legs!

Not that we are on the sea again. We’re just on a house boat (a very nice one I must say!) in Alapie (Alapy?) which has lots and lots of river like canals. There is quite a few small lakes I think if I was in charge I would be desperately lost! It is very fun though (except for all my nightmares about the boat sinking!) The houseboat seems very big! It has a little ladder where you can go up to a roof top lookout thingy. It provides very many pictures opps up there! It has a main kinda deck with some chairs (which is where we mainly are!) then a hallway then a door for mum and dads bedroom, after that (still a hallway) is a little open area for a table and chairs (where we eat the meals) then you go a bit furthers and its me and Luke’s bedroom then beyond that is where the crew members are (theres only three of them) I not sure about their sleeping arrangements but I know that two of them pull out mattresses and sleep in the “dining room”. I haven’t quite pecked up the courage to go beyond me and Luke’s room but I will tomorrow because I want to get a couple of pictures of the entire ship. Since we’ve been on the boat I’ve had a bit of trouble eating 3 meals a day again but its sorta easy because its all Indian food so I don’t eat as much as I normally would.

We met another Canadain family touring (they said they were voluntouring). I think their last name is Gunn. I just checked and it is. We never really could get down to chatting with them, we only pulled them over on the side of the road to say hi and where we were from and that (we also only really saw them again once). I have to say I am going to miss the beach but this trip is beginning to feel like school. Blink an eye at the start of the year and its christmas. Very soon we are going to be in Egypt! We are almost done India! And it seems like it was years ago when we were in China! So the house boats are really nice! not much else but please make sure to look at the pictures and expect to hear my conclusion on India soon!
S’all for now, bye!!!!!

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