My Conclusion of India

I’ve decided to add India to one of the places I want to go back to. Even though it was very dirty and saddening because of the poverty it is still a very very charming country. It was very funny because we were in Mumbai and we saw a really nice flapper dress and dad joked and said “ I’ve got an Idea! Instead of making the $600 round trip to Edmonton (for 4 people) and buying a $400 grad dress for you, we’ll make a $4000 round trip to India (for 2 people) and buy you a $10 flapper dress for your grad party!” I think that was one of my biggest laughs in India! I think the cleanest place was Mumbai, But the nicest looking place was Kovalam, the beach town. One of the most charming places was Agra (thanks to the Taj) and Delhi wins noiseist hands down! I wish we could have made a one or two day stop in Goa though.

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