Unlucky Luckouts!

Thats what we have been having! For example, in Mumbai mom and dad messed up on the day of our flight, so we got there one day late!! On the (very) lucky side, We got to meet the Mcbride family and have dinner with them! And we got to buy new tickets for the same time (next day) when we got there for a very reasonable price! Example #2: When we got to Dubai we decided to go to Ski Dubai earlier, and how lucky we were! It turns out that unless you book ahead no lessons are left! We found this out and immediately booked lessons for the next day. In the end we got very lucky! We had to book lessons by the way because they don’t let anyone on the big hill who has no experience (Even though I am a ski instructor! as dad had to point out). In the end we got one group lesson and one private lesson. Just a sec I’m getting ahead of myself! There is 6 levels (I’m pretty sure) Discovery, Beginner then 1 through 4. Me and Luke have never skied before so we were discovery. They told us you have to AT LEAST (and they really stressed it!) Level 4 before you can go on the big hill. Me and Luke aced the first lesson had a bit of a challenge on Beginner but still aced it. and in the end I got to go to the very top! I still went on the non pro side but, I t was very fun and a challenge! What I do is I lightly brake most of the way down and do a little bit of maneuvering, and whenever I felt I was going to lose control, I try and regain it but if that didn’t work then falling on my bum always does! I guess you can understand why I’m sore! I really feel sorry for dad, because he pulled a muscle. Hes been limping and hobbling around ever since! On our way here he got special treatment because of it, riding around in the wheal chairs and the cars. But it was kinda funny Because when we arrived here he tried to sit in one but immediately was told he had to get out. I think he was very sore after that! We are now in Da rel Salom (I hope thats right!) and it is the hottest we’ve been since about Thailand! Actually were are in Tanzania. S’all for now bye-bye!!
PS it is ONLY minus 4 in Ski Dubai, we were ready to just go in our t-shirts!

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