Where was your first ?

Where was your first time down hill skiing ? Mine you ask ? Dubui .
it all started when we were buying the tickets. we had a little trouble getting them because mom and dad had a two hour lesson and Alex and me could only get one hour ones so we had to book a discovery and a beginner lesson but the day we were there the beginner lesson was all full so we pre-booked it for the last day we were there( better late than never )so we went around the mall to buy some stuff in the end we ended up returning the only thing we bought(not including food)
We went skiing the next day it was SOOOO COLD ( – 4 ) we took our lesson and then dad took us on the BIG hill . dad and Alex went around the entire mall his legs were hurting a lot today so when we were at the airport dad got a wheel chair ( I mean come on ) so now were here in Tanzania !!!!!! see ya : )

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