In all the hubbub about my last log I totallyy forget to actually really write something about Dubai! It was very nice, but quite expensive! I had just the best time at ski Dubai, which (as I found out) is actually attached to a mall. The mall is very big and I think its almost bigger then west Edmonton mall! After just one visit, Cinibon became my absolute favorite store there! MMMMMM! I had one that was sooooo good, it had melted vannila icing, with nuts, and the cinnamon bun itself was warmed up just perfectly! I almost bought a blue (tsk tsk me and my blue things!:)) PSP, that was a slim version. I decided not to because “it is a bit of a waste of your money” (I’m quoting mom) and because I was tired of having my forehead being burnt right through with moms eyes. In the end I feel I regret it a bit, but I’d never hear the end of it.

One we were finished with our daily shopping ( The only thing we actually bought ((and didn’t return))was stuff for ski dubai and for the movie and something else ((I think))) we took a last minute tour around to see a few building in the city. We stood just outside the gates of the sailboat hotel, and got a nice night veiw, and saw a bit of a laser show. It was very pretty, even though we couldn’t get the best pictures (for example, the entire thing, it during daylight, ect).
We also saw what is going to be the tallest building in the world! It was very neat, because they built it to be the tallest for 20 years. If someone trys to beat their record they just wait, then once the other building is done, they have built it so they can build it taller!
S’all for now, bye!

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