Tanzania Up Close

When we got into Tanzania I thought this was nothing like India and I was right there is not as much horn honking just as much as fort smith and the Tanzanian aren’t as crazy drivers as the Indian there is not as much pollution as India and definitely not as much dogs I have only seen three !!! We stayed in an O.K hotel for our first two nights in Tanzania the second night we were there I got sick I was having the same symptoms as you would if you had malaria ( dun du dun )
worst of all a very high fever 38.26 . I was having a lot of diarrhea I had to go 27 times in one night mom took me to the hospital the next morning and I got two needles one to help my fever another to test my blood the one to test my blood hurt more . We went on a ferry to get to another Island about a half an hour after I was at the hospital the ride was not smooth but not bumpy. I Had trouble finding the toilette when I did find it I just sat down and went not looking for toilet paper as you probably guessed there was none and yet I only noticed it half way though my poop. Luckily mom had some in her bag and dad brought it to me when we arrived All i wanted to do was lie down to make a long taxi drive short I did . I ended up being sick for a day and a half after the trip to the hospital and still have the sniffles .As I got better Alex got sicker and when I could finally go out to eat Alex could not . my first day I had a meal with mom and dad was breakfast I got a brownie I saved one bight for Alex who was stuck in the room mom had got Alex some toast that alex said tasted like bannock Alex also said that it was the best meal she had had in a while that night we called a few family members and Tim to say hi we gave a little update on what was happening we went to the spice area the next day there were a few boys making leaf crafts for the group We saw cinnamon trees lemon grass coco beans and a lot more the funny thing was the boys just continued giving us stuff I got a hat a tie a frog a necklace a ring and 3 bracelets all for one dollar total in the end I only kept the hat and the tie ( I lost the frog wa wa wa it was really nice ) The hat Is something Ian would LOVE and the tie is just cool anyways I think I’m starting to blab on and on and on like dad so see ya : ) : )

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