Now we are in Tanzania! It is quite hot here! We spent 2 days in Dar el Salaam and now we are on an island called Zanzibar. We had to take a ferry to get here. Now we have all gotten sick in the past few weeks with the same thing! I think I almost had it the worst. It stills pains me now even though I “recovered” a day ago (or 2?). we went on a spice tour today which was lots (!!!!!) of fun! We first stopped at a few spice farms and saw (and smelt), cinnamon, lemon grass, ginger, coriander, mace, nutmeg, cloves, and a few others. And they was some village boys who didn’t have school then, so they kept following us and making really nice things out of huge leaves. I got a very nice ring, that had an add on so I could put in some stuff, put in some cinnamon and lemon grass (which turned out to be the best combination!). And a basket, bracelet and a few of the spices (that I couldn’t manage to be the last one smelling). In the end they wanted money (which we did give to them) But they really took advantage of Luke, he just couldn’t say no! He got one of everything (except for a ring to put things in like mine and some corriander). He has thing really funky hat, a weaved frog, a basket, a tie (weaved) and tons of other spices and stuff!

After that we went into a cave called the “slave cave”. It is where one of the kings kept his slaves when the British were in Tanzania. It was very hot underground!! I thought it was going to be nice and cool, but it was almost as hot as above ground! Our guide said he (the king) had 200 slaves in their! I couldn’t believe it! Maybe 100, but not 200! There was a little pool of water where they would take drinks. at both ends of the cave they are these big kinda holes (except they are really wide, maybe 50 meters) and you could escape from there. On one side it was impossible for anyone to survive, because it was so hot, and if you didn’t go at the right time, the high tode would kill you. But on the other side some slaves actually made it out(the ones that knew how to swim. It takes about 3 hours ands it 30 km (I think) when above the cave it takes about 15 minutes! But there was a guard above the cave. Then we went for a swim an it was so nice! The lady who was sitting at the back of the bus with mom let me borrow her goggles and I got some very neat shells! I got on that would be awesome for a necklace, and one that was the beginning of a conch shell and two other ones. S’all for now! Buh-bye!

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