You can’t not do a safari in Africa and you can’t go to Africa and not do a safari!

Saturday Febuary 23rd Day One

Its day one on our five day safari and it was absolutly amazing! New creatures we saw include;
– A wild elephant
– A hippo(matatamus 🙂 )
– A giraffe
– Tons of Baboons
– A vervet monkey
– Warthogs
– A Dik dik (which is a tiny gazelle)
– Some mongeese
– And a couple different kinds of birds
The giraffes were very tall! And cute in their own extended way. I just can’t get enough pictures of them! We took a TON (!!!!!) of pictures. It was lotsa fun because we were in a jeep with a raised sunroof thing so we could stand on our seats (in the park only) to get a veiw and pictures. I spent 95% standing up through the sunroof. I think most of my pictures are of the giraffes, they are just really pretty.

Sunday February 24th 2008 Day Two

Today we took a very bumpy tour of a HUGE ( the crater!!!) national park, which is in a crater. Today we saw our first,
– Close zebra
– Close Water Buffalo (wildebeest)
– Lion(ess, no guys)
– Lion cub!! (so cute!!)
We also saw some Zebra babies, and found out that the younger the zebra, the lighter there fur. The babies have brown stripes and the older ones have black stripes. The lion cub was soooooooo cute (even though it would love to snack on your leg!). We only saw one dead animal which was a zebra, near our first Lion(ess’ not one male showed up, except for maybe the cub, but we don’t know). The guys actually stay home and let the ladys do all the hunting. I’m pretty sure. We are very lucky to be able to charge things in the car, I’ve been using about 3 batteries a day! Back to the dead zebra (just for a moment) I think we spent a lot of time “studying” (shall we say) it. I made sure to get lots of pictures and video on the guts coming out and of where the tail USED to be. (WARNING!!! not for the squirmish! the video). Riding without the roof in the jeep is fun, its a free rollar coaster!

Monday February 25th 2008 Day Three

Today we saw a leopard! We only could really see the legs and part of its body, but we still saw one. We also saw more mongeese and got closer to a warthog, and a HUGEMONGUS (hehe I made up that word) herd of wildebeest. I kinda feel sad because they were kinda doing a practice run, but one of the babies got separated. Which means that it is going to die. Most likely a lion (so we were told). We also saw some more Giraffe. Last night we made friends (after we wrote our log), a Zack and May from France. We had TONS (!!!!!) of fun! We sang lots of songs (mostly badly 🙂 ) and exchanged jokes until 9 pm (ish), when we could delay our bedtimes no longer.

Tuesday, February 26th 2008 Day Four

Today we saw our first male lion! He was hiding behind a tree and a bush, so you could only see him from one side and the front. I got a really awesome picture of him looking right at me! We also saw the remains of a baby wildebeest up in a tree. The leopards will do that to keep their catch away from everyone that wants it except the scavenger birds. there was a lot less animals, even though we were safariing twice as long. We also saw the usual, Zebra, giraffes and wildebeest. When we got back there was lots of new people and Luke immediately went around to see who to make friends with. In the end we were chitchatting to 2 girls and a guy, Amanda, Dezz(aray) and Jim (don’t put everything in bold on the blog) an we had tons of fun! It was kinda funny because I let it slip how spaghetti is Luke’s favorite and when he finished his supper, he went to talk to them, and in the end he got to have spaghetti. What made it even more funny, we had something Luke doesn’t like that night! They had marshmallows, but in the end we couldn’t have a fire, so no marshmallows or smores. We even had crackers and this really good chocolate which has milk chocolate on the bottom layer and white chocolate on top.

Wednesday February 27th 2008 Day Five ,final day

Yay! This morning we got to roast marshmallows. No time for smores though. We are now on the bumpy ride back to Arusha. We didn’t really see much Wildlife, but thats just because we were heading back. But we did see a big(ish) herd of zebra. But on our way home we went by a volcano, and it started to have a mini eruption! There was lots of ash coming out of the top, and every once in a while the ash would break and we think we could see lava! It looked more like lightning, but we’re not sure what it was. It was waaaay awesome! Then a little bit after that we saw a HUGE (!!!) sand devil (aka mini twister, mini tornado). Now to our list of natural Disasters we have experienced (harmless, no damage inflicted) we have: tsunami warning, 2 earthquakes (in the same city), an erupting volcano and a mini tornado. Thats a pretty good list! Then we sat through the rest of the ride, occasionally saying “dad the charger is unplugged, AGAIN”. Once we got back it was dark. It was very nice though, because dad booked us into a different hotel then the one we were in before. And it was much nicer! Luke and I don’t have to share a bed! The pillows are also very comfy. Well I guess ANYTHING would be comfier then sleeping on an airplane pillow, like I did on the safari!

S’all for now, bye-bye! Alex

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