Kenya by Alex

On the 1st we left to Kenya, and we stayed in Nairobi for one night. We lucked out and got a really nice hotel, because its low season, we got the good price. It cost $100, but normaly, in high season it costs $300! I think about $200 would e a fair price for it in high season. The restaurant was very very good! Fair prices for the food, and it was delicious! The first dinner I had Crocodile and dad had Ostrich. Luke decided not to be adventurous, and had a medium-rare sirloin steak with a garlic sauce. It was almost as good as when dad makes it. 😀 My crocodile tail was good, the ostrich was better but Luke’s meal was best! For dessert, I had a strawberry melba, which consists of strawberry’s, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a strawberry flavored syrup. It was veeeery good! Dad had a chocolate mouse (which was the real, and very yummy thing), Luke had apple pie (not NEARLY as good as Joanne’s or Anne’s!) and mum had a caramel custard. The next supper me Luke and dad had medium rare steak with garlic sauce. We went to the airport at about 9:00 pm. Our boarding time was 4:30 am. We had to leave so early, because we were told that no taxi driver would want to get up and drive us at 1 in the morning! When we got there, Luke and I played for a bit ( with a foldable frisbee) until half an hour to an hour later when the girl who was sleeping near us, woke up and we all just started playing stuff together. At first it was don’t let the balloon touch the ground, next we played with the frisbee for a bit, and then we played entirely pointless (but very fun!) baseball. We used the frisbee as a bat, and one of the balloons as a ball. First base was a thing too measure if your carry on was to big, second base was some seats, third base was a table and home base was some check in counters. It was very tiring too. Then at about 2:30 am, they let us go into security, but when we got to our gate 5 minutes later, we weren’t allowed in there! So we had to wait until 3:30 or so, until we could go in. Me and Luke didn’t sleep until we got on the plane, and by that time we were long gone!!! I was a little under slept when we got here, but, we’ve sort of adjusted. S’all for now, bye-bye!

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