Cairo, Memphis, Saqarra & GIZA!

Luckily, it wasn’t too warm in Cairo for our few days there. We started at a decent hotel on the island with a two day booking. It was a bit too expensive for us, but it was the district where Claudette wanted to be. To say that Cairo is huge is of course an understatement. Picking a neighborhood to find a hotel in is difficult enough, never mind deciding on a specific hotel. We wandered around the neighborhood and enjoyed a relaxing few days and some fantastic restaurant food.

We booked a guided tour in a private van out to see Giza. This turned out to be the last stop on our tour that day though. First we stopped at Memphis, which was the first capital city of Egypt. There were a bunch of smaller yet impressive statues and stone coffins on display. There was also two huge one’s of Ramsee’s. One was claimed to be the largest statute in the world (of Ramses) but was missing it’s legs. The government had built a protective building around it, and the “half” statute was laying down on it’s back. There was also a large sphinx carving made from alabaster stone which was pretty impressive.

The highlight of the day was our second stop, at Saqarra. This was the original pyramid, and the only fully intact burial “complex” so far discovered in Egypt. VERY much worth a visit, but only with a guide so they can describe to you the full scope of what you are seeing and how it originated.

Giza was similarly quite impressive, with much larger crowds spread over a much larger area. The main Giza sphinx in my mind was a bit overrated (shhhh, don’t tell Luke!) and I liked the smaller, but better carved alabaster one at Memphis. That one was still about 9m long and maybe 4m high though.

We head South on the train to take in the many ancient sights there.

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