You can’t walk on us forever!

We have been notoriously cheated, for many things. As dad puts it, “they see us as walking banks, they think we are only here to help the economy”. That is exactly (for lack of a funner word) pretty much true. I won’t tell you every time we got cheated, because I’m sure dad will put in a very detailed account of each time. But my favorite is our Nile “cruise”. We were stuck on the boat for 3 days. They continually lied to us and everyone else, saying “oh no, we will move in 3 hours (or so)” and it just went on and on like that. Some of the guides ferreted out the truth, and they actually took the manager of the boat to the police station! We made some good friends on the boat, Ron and Janine and Lora and Alex. Once we left we all went our seperate ways, which wasn’t fun. Then once we got on our new boat, dad found Ron and Janine (actually they were looking for us, he hid behind a tree and scared them!) and it was really nice because we got to chit chat for a bit. We were on our boat for a while, then we went over to there tiny (and so cute!) cruise boat. Lora and Alex and their parents were on the same boat as them! Sadly, as it turns out, Lora and Alex had checked out, 5 minutes before we went onto the boat to visit! What bad luck! About half and hour later, we had to go have supper. We are now on a cruise, that is going somewhere (in fact, we are moving at this very moment) and it is much nicer. On this cruise we have polite French people, and not a single pushy Russian!
S’all bout bad luck for now!

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