A lot More Of Egpyt 1

Oops we have already met the mcbride’s and as you know I have not written a blog since the great pyramids. One thing I can not forget is a GREAT BIG Happy Birthday to a five year old girl, named Gracie so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE (sorry for not calling). Now on to Egpyt. The next thing we did was the Cairo museum. At the Cairo museum We went to the first floor first.We saw a lot of things. One of the first things We did was look at the rosettea stone, a differnt stone saying how the Egyptians concord the Indian, statue’s and some piller’s. Then We went for Lunch. After Lunch We went Back in to the museum to look at the second Floor on the second floor was what I came to egpyt to see King tut / tutincomen (sp) things mainly the Golden mask. We waled Through his Things and saw a head rest about 9 centimeters off the ground our Guide said was a pillow. Alex making a joke about it said so thats why they walk like an . Later
On our first boat ride it was confermend to be only for the mummies. Then finally We saw it the mask of king tut / tutincomen (sp) They had it in a glass container in the middle of the room with his jewelery and coffin”s .Our guide said that the mask represented a young man because he was 18 or 19 when he died.It had some hieroglyphics’s (sp) on the back. The coffin’s of king tut / tutincomen (sp) is a funny story he had a big movable room with a smaller movable room inside and inside that was a smaller movable room inside and inside that was the smallest room inside the smallest movable room was a big coffin inside that was another and inside that was the smallest coffin inside that was (finally) the mummy of king tut / tutincomen our Guide left us there because know all We had to see was mummy’s the first mummy’s We saw were animal mummy’s the first intact (sp) one We saw was a crocodile there were plenty more but I will just bring up a few of them. A dog, the dog was one of the mummy’s that was not wrapped and was not rotting.after seeing the dog I pinched my arm for a few min’s. Another one was a bird the bird was not wrapped and not rotting, it was now just a model (sp) made out of it’s bones. The final one was wrapped a bit and rotting. This one is a cow. The cow did not die naturally (if you are under 10 do not read this) there was turpentine inserted to the cow though it’s penis to eat out the inside’s and then (under ten year olds may read again starting here) the cow was mummified and put into the kings tomb. The final thing We did that day was look at royal mummies I have picked out three royal mummies. Number one a mummy that was so very old that it had green skin this mummy I found it scary so when I walked ahead and saw it I ran back to dad. Mummy number two this mummy was not N-O-T a favorite (sp) When they were talking the brain’s out something went wrong so the nose was split in half and she had brown and a bit of blue skin for my final mummy was my favorite her face was B-e-a-utful her nose could not look any better her skin was in between brown and white and her hair looked very smooth one of the other reason’s I liked her was she was buried with what looked like a baby but x-rays show it was her pet baboon.

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