A lot More of Egpyt 2

O.k if you look at the title it says A lot more of Egypt 2 because I am doing them out of order. Meaning the last “A lot more of Egypt” post was about the great pyramids.


We left to go to the airport at 2:00 in the morning and our plane at 3:00 and got into Cairo at 4:15 and got on our second plane to Sharm at 4:30 then got into Sharm at 5:30 then finally We took a van to Dahab got to our hotel and got ready to relax we found out that we had a little problemo. The room’s we booked had been at the other side of the resort. me and Alex had our own room at the same side of the resort as conner and Alannah.At the other side of the resort all the parents had their rooms. We re-booked so our rooms to be at the same side of the resort. Our rooms were now closer to the nice pool. We were very lucky that breakfast was still running because it was 9:30 when we ate. Then we finally we got to our room and had a nap.

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