A lot More Of Egpyt 3

The continued (and elaborated) backtracking adventures from a few weeks ago.

Today We took a train ride to Luxor. On the train ride they served us supper and breakfast. I was dead asleep during supper and barely awake for breakfast. We arrived in Luxor at 5:30 6:00 in the morning. We met the manager for the company (for Luxor) and he took us to the hotel. The hotel was o.k it had a pool but the room’s we got had A LOT. I mean A-L-O-T A LOT of horn honking from the window. Plus it was more expensive than the other rooms so we got the other rooms with no horn honking the second time we were there. We had just seen our rooms when our guide said “time for a tour”. We had been up until 9:30 P.M and had to get up at 4:00 A.M. But he still didn’t care how tired we were. The rest of the day went on with the guide showing us things and us being tired. Once he was describing us things that were written there and dad saw that we were tired and did not hear him so he repeated in a little less complex words. when he was finished the guide said “O.k you know more than me lets go” dad seem a little astonished by his comment because the guide was very smart and seemed nice. I on the other hand did not like him from the start (not that that is good or bad) I am happy that he can not read this. The square’ that leaded to a temple I did not like also because it had a very powerful smell of CAMEL POOP (Puke). When we finally got back it was 1:30 A.M (just kidding) We ate lunch which was not very good but all I ate was rice the waiter was very lazy he did not bring the entire menu and said that was all there was. We finally got some rest. Mom, Dad and I slept while Alex played a game on the M.P.3 mind you I did not sleep as long as Mom and Dad. But mom did not sleep as long as dad but who cares. The rest of the tour (with that guide) went on pretty much the same way only one new thing happened other than experience. It happened at the valley of the king’s before we had seen any tombs our guide pulled us over to a rest stop. He started showing us picture’s. There were a lot of flies there so I started rubbing my hands up and down my legs and the guide told me stop and pay attention. So I stopped soon more flies were landing on me than everybody else put together so I stood up was going to walk around a bit than sit down again but I stood up took 2 steps and he grabbed my arm and tugged me back into my seat and told me to stay. As we walked to the first tomb dad pulled me behind and told me next time I should sit by him. Mom came behind and told me to go ahead so I did. Later I found out that we were firing him. He showed us all 3 tomb that we were to look at (one ticket meant 3 tomb’s) we later found out that your guide was only suppose to show you 2 tomb’s you picked the last one (proves what kind of guide he is). later that day the guide was having trouble explaining something once he was done he said he only got 3 hours of sleep that night so he was tired. When I heard that along with the rest of the family I thought B-A-L-ony we were tired ad did you give us sympathy and plus he did not look at all tired I think he did not know. He just was making a baloney excuse. To make a longer story short we fired him.

Thanks everyone for comments made on previous blogs. They made us happy and make me know that you are happy for us! 😀

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