Petra: A lot like Machu Pichu

As I just said Petra is A lot like Machu Pichu. It was like being in peru again the site was a lot bigger than the machu pichu site but still had the same amount of people vist it per day but I felt safer at machu pichu because if you hit Machu Pichu it would not break but if you hit petra it would break because it is made of sand stone. Sand stone is sand grains stuck together to make a sand stone. pretty simple eh? The first stop was a temple in which I saw on the drive to wadi Mousa (the modern day town beside ancient Petra). As we were looking at the view I saw it and asked what it was. The driver said horse’s. I looked down and people on horse’s were passing by it. When I said “no, that” he said “yeah horses” so in the end I did not find out what it was until we saw it up close. As we neared it I saw it first and said “hey that is what I saw from the view in the car”. We got near the dam and our guide explained that about 9 years ago the dam broke and 13 French women and their guide died. So they made a new dam and that lasted a few years then they blocked of the water and the dam became a wall then a hill to get to the bottom. The path leads to a canyon and you walk a mile until you get to a treasury. The treasury is said to be the most amazing sight in Petra. Then you walk though a much smaller canyon until you get to Petra city. Petra city had a population of over 35,000 they built caves that were rectangular. What amazed me was that they could have saved a bit of carving by making the corners curved but no they had to make them at a 90 degree angle’s. We ate lunch at 1:30 and then traveled a bit on our own We went around a small mountain And met a mother and her son still living in a cave. We met the son first he was herding goats as we chatted (he knew good English) while walking up the road he asked if we wanted tea we replied no thank you sorry he nodded and continued chatting until we got to there cave his mother came out of the cave and asked us if we wanted tea we replied the same as before and then she asked if we wanted to buy souvenir’s we also replied no dad was thinking about giving them a bit of money until the mother pulled out

A. a whack load of money
B. a bottle of coke for her son
C. Cigarette’s

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When he saw this he thought if she can afford ( your answer here ) she doe’s not need my money.
That was that. We went on like that in the end It was as I said earlier Just like Machu Pichu.

Day 2

Today We did not get a guide instead we traveled around at our own pace. It went on the same as yesterday until we got to the treasury. We had a bit of negotiation and finally me and Alex got a camel ride. It was very Scary. S-c-a-r-y scary. They have triple joints so you get on them there front legs go up whoop. Then there back legs go up wooo. Then there front legs go up more waaaa. Finally there back legs go up more weeee. But faster So Whoop wooo waaaa weeee. pretty scary Ay. We ate lunch at a cliff and stayed there for an hour and a half. by now it was 1:03. then we explored a bit getting pics we did not get yesterday We went back to the mountain we walked around the day before and walked to the top where the crusaders castle was it was the highest we got at Petra. finally We started climbing down When We had no path We found a path of our own. That made us the first torist’s to go into the theater. it was blocked off so no tourist’s could get in but not blocked good enough. We were neaing the end so we dicied to get a donkey ride back once again me and alex were the luckey winner’s it was fun but sad the kid’s that owned them were whiping them and pulling there tails so they would go faster. My donkey was funney it took the path with it’s eyes close. When we got off I huged mine he was Sooooo cute. We walked the rest of the way And said goodbye to Machu Pichu….. I mean Petra

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