Yay, other kids!

Written on March 20, 2008

We met up with the Mcbrides! We met in Cairo and took a bus too an oasis and spent 2 days in a hotel. It had a pool, but the water was from some kinda hot springs, so it was warm and can stain your cloths. On the second nigh, Alannah and me made a potion! It consisted of onions flower petals and water. We mushed everything together, then drained some of the water in an old water bottle. It stunk!!! We considered using it as a bug repellent, but it wasn’t that strong! So it is a potion that cures happiness and stuffed noses. Minor side effects include a runny nose, and tears, and awe of the colour made by the flower petals. Then we spent last night in the desert. It was very nice, we got to see a little fox with HUGE ears and a big beetle. We also had an almost full moon. We are in the white desert, it was very light outside all night, because the moon reflected off all the white chalk rocks. The camera couldn’t see anything but our eyes could see pretty much perfectly. Alannah and I stayed up until about 12:40 talking. We had lots of fun, although I still can’t find my bag for my sleeping bag. I think we only have 2 or 4 more days with them though. I really wish we could stay together longer. I think we go to Luxor tomorrow. Then maybe onto another oasis.

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