Bonjourno! (from Italee)

Hi everyone! Well I’ve learned since flying from Jordon to Italy, that Luke is not the best panic person! First off It was really only minor things, he just has no hope. When we got to the airport in Jordan, we realized that dad had left his Visa (credit card) at our previous hotel (the one we had just come from) and they would have to find it, then send it on a 40 minute taxi ride to the airport. Then Luke’s boarding pass, was non-existing. So, dad went out of the preliminary security and waited 50 minutes (the taxi driver had other Issues, that dad will tell you bout, one example, the security guards ((outside)) started wondering why he didn’t have any passengers, etc) then let out a big WHAHOO (which we heard from where we were, just past the check-in place. I forgot to mention, we had to go back and forth (between two counters for different things) a few times but, in the end, Luke’s ticket worked out ok. Also, they sent our luggage in (before) Luke ticket checked out ok. WHOOT WHOOT, HUGE disaster potential there! Anyways, fast forward a bit. We (om Luke and me) are sitting in a area after all the check in counters (basically you are separated only by a cubicle like wall, same goes for the preliminary security and everywhere) and we have been there for about half and hour (5 hours Luke time) and we are all just about to give up any hope on seeing Italy, (this is where the Luke is not a panic person part comes in) ESPECIALLY LUKE who is saying “I can’t believe we don’t get to see Italy and Europe!!!!” In the end, we heard dad’s Who hoo a minute later, and we got through Immigration. THEN when we got here (to Italy) We had to wait about (FOREVER!!!) 45 minutes, because our baggage was in the very back of the plane, and got lost or something! We were not the only people (on our plane) who had to wait for our luggage (thankfully). Luke was also telling me “I can’t believe I’ll have to just where this (we didn’t know how warm Italy was going to be, so mom got us to wear pants and long sleeves, instead of shorts), I’m really (too) hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Like the past situation, we got our bags 5 minutes later. After that everything went totally smoothly (except grandma vi telling Luke he has to Puke 🙂 ).
I was very surprised (!!!) when we came to our apartment and found Grandma Vi and Grandpa Ray here! When we came in, we found Grandma Vi in the first bedroom. The following conversation sounded like this. Grandma Vi starts. “go to the bathroom, you probably have to go. I don’t, I went at the airport. Well you’re so suprised, you might puke!!!!” Luke went into the washroom, only to find grandpa Ray!
The next day we had settled and started to explore a bit. The girl who lives here has a Jack russel and she pretty much looks exactly like Pete! So far we have been to Saint Peter’s Basilica twice, The Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museum. And I think the very good Chinese place where we had supper the other night deserves to be on that list (just kidding).

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