Goodbye Prayer Calls, Hello Pasta

Sorry I am behinde here is what happened

Finally our curse is over. No more 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night until 8:00 at night prayer calls. You have no idea how tired I am. I am so tired my eyes are itchy and I feel like I am going to cry. I want to go to sleep but my eyes hurt so much I can’t.

The day so far was pretty Ruff. I mean R-u-f-f RUFF. First of all I went to bed at 8:45. Aex played the P.S.P until mom came in at 9:30, then when mom left she played the P.S.P until 10:30. I fell asleep then so I do not know how much longer she played. I woke up 7 times that night and each time I had to move the blankets. then at 6:00 I was fixing them when I was finally done and getting in the bed I heard ring ring and Alex got up thump thump Rin….. “Who is it” said Alex “Mom time to get up put on pants” she said so I stayed in bed. Alex was lying in bed telling me to get up and when I got up she stayed in. Then someone knocked on the door and Alex was like a rabbit being chased by a wolf Boing right out of the bed as I unlocked the door she was rushing to find her clothes. When mom and dad answered the door she was putting on her shorts. I was still in my underwear and my reply was I can not unlock my bag as Alex stopped for a split second and twitched. When I found out there was a heater and above the heater was a sign that said “turn on heater.” We went off to the airport just after (They did not have breakfast for another 15 mins.) we were dressed and started to check in then a problem occurred. My ticket had something wrong with it so we had to buy a new one. While mom and dad were doing this they put our bags on the plane and I was not checked in. So while this problem was happening dad found out he left his visa at the hotel so he phoned them up to come bring it no problemo Right? Wrong the hotel was 40 min”s away. So we went and got though immigration while dad stayed behind and waited for his visa. The next bad thing that happened was we got to the first immigration desk number 8 and he told us to go to immigration desk number 1. So we went there. He told us to go to Immigration desk number 2 so we went their. He told us to go to another desk because our tickets said we were a group. In the end we had to pay 10$ each to get past. To top that off we had to wait another 50 mins for dad to get back so we could tell him that he had to pay 10$ to get past 🙁

The flight went as planed but the airport did not the luguage was not there for an hour. I was panicking the first thought that oh no they put my luguage on before I was checked in and that our luguage was taken off the plain well I was wrong. When I was waiting for the luguage I started righting this post that is why it is very disceptive. Bye Luke.

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