Villa Life ;D

We have left Rome, and now we are in a villa like place in Florence (Firenze in Italian). It very muchly reminds me of Germane Lake (in the winter)! It was freezing cold when we got in and it took a while to get the air warm and the floor (even though its the next day) is still cold (but it has a few warm spots. Luke and I built a fort (on the fold out couch, which I share with Grandma Vi) and it wasn’t folded out, and we both could lie down inside. We just used blankets, 3 couch pillows (they are smaller then pillows you would normally sleep with) and a chair. Inside, Luke watched me play on the PSP and it is much warmer than outside. The adults played crib, and dad lit a fire, it’s much homier for us, and gas (for the furnace) is 4 euros for a cubic meter of gas (home gas, not car gas), which we have to pay for once we leave. But we still are using the stove (which uses home gas, just not as much). We are only using it to heat up water for coffee (and hopefully hot chocolate later) so by the time we leave (in five daysish) we will probably only have to pay 4 euros total (for the home gas).

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