Well, Rome is nice. On our first day here we had just arrived I looked at the side of the door and saw mail. The first thing that popped into my mind was – is this where Grandma Vi was sending us dad’s client card. I was right but not the way I thought I was right. As Dad knocked on the door a voice that sounded like Grandma Vi answered the door saying come in. As we walked in dad made me go first at the end of the hall (this is an apartment with 3 room’s) there was a sign that said James’ As I walked in to the room it was very dirty. (dirty with somone else’s stuff) I looked in the mirror. There was Grandma Vi’s head behind the door. I turned and screamed and ran to hug her – Dad got all this on camera. As we started chatting she told me you should go to the bathroom. My reply was, oh it is o.k I went at the airport. Then she said no you should go to the bathroom because you are about to puke. I was shocked when she said this but that is when I started expecting someone we knew to pop out but instead Grandpa Ray popped out as I screamed again and went to hug him dad was laughing but still filming.

Grandma Vi brought us some Purdy’s McNutty’s They were very good. It was some of the best chocolate I have had since home. She also brought us from Auntie Florence some easter chocolate with little basket’s and a sticker with the easter bunny on it. That was also very good. We went out for dinner shortly after.

We wandered off for a while looking at restaurants but in the end we bought store meat and some buns to eat the next day. Dad went back in as soon as we were done shopping. So he went and got his own sandwich from a bistro for dinner and the rest of us ate at the first place we saw that evening.

The next day we went to a temple; it was very cool. It had a slight view of the colleseum/collesso. It also had a good view of the Bascillica. On the way up I slipped on a step then twisted my ankle at the other step. It hurt a lot. We went to the Bascillica next and looked around. We did not do much there. The next day we took the metro to the spanish step’s/spanga We also went to a book store in the train station were I got a book called “The Secret Country” it was a very good book. When I was reading it, it said that if you took the wrong wild road you went back in time and that you could go to the killings at the Spanish steps/spanga. That is when I found out some Spaniard’s came and killed people on those steps. Cool. We also went to the colleseum/colesso. Where I got another book (i am done both) called “tiger tiger” It was not really about tiger’s – it was about a princess in old rome/roma with a pet tiger. and the pet tiger had a brother who was a colleseum/colesso tiger.

The next day (our final day) we only did one thing – that thing was going to the bascillica again. We climbed up to the dome it was a three flight elevator ride (very long flights) and than 347 steps to the top – it was fun. The next day we took a three hour train ride. I did not play the PSP, instead I finished reading my books. Then we took a 30 minute taxi ride to our hotel. The hotel is an apartment but I call it a hotel – it looks a lot like our cabin at Germain lake and I like it a lot. Well t.t.f.n (ta ta for now).

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