From the canals of Venice

Yesterday we drove to Venice in our rental (car). It was very cool! I think the first thing I noticed (that I liked, that wasn’t part of the scenery) was all the mask shops! I almost got one, but in the end I decided not too. I did get a picture of a mask though (not like the one I had chosen out, but still veeery nice) on Grandma Vi’s camera.
Basically We walked ¾ of Venice (the long part I think). We walked to a square place with tons (!!!) of pigeons. We but some pigeon food and fed them, which was so fun! At first I was just putting my hand down on the ground (with the bird food, which was dried corn) and just letting them eat of my hand. Sometimes I would touch hem, because they got so close! It was a very funny feeling them eating off my hand, like mini vacuum cleaners! But after a while, I got bored of that, and stood up so they would fly on my arm! That was even more fun! They would fight for my arm! Mom was the unlucky tenant of a tired pigeon, on her head. It was such a laugh, until Luke (who wasn’t with us while that was happening) came running at us and scared it away. >:(
Once we ran out of food, we had to leave. We walked back a little ways, then dad took a while, because he negotiated a ride on a gondola (because they normally go in a circle for 50 minutes) , and in the end we got 25 minutes closer to our destination, and had to pay for that and the 25 minutes for him to get back. Bit of a ripoff if you ask me. after that we walked back to the parking garage and drove back to our villa ( 😀 ) for 3 hours and fifteen minutes. Once we got back home we all went to bed (it was 9 ish)

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