Good Bye to the Middle East, Hello Europe!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new message, so here goes a quicky update.

We spent our last bit of time in Egypt in the desert and then the Sinai with the McBride Family from Ottawa. Our adventures in the desert were very fun and interesting. You’ll have to take a look at the pictures of us in the Black and then White Deserts. After the desert we spent about six days relaxing by the Red Sea in the town of Dahab. It was so nice to spend a few days with another Canadian family. (i.e. other adult conversation other than your spouse, and we generally all agreed at how we didn’t like been the “tourist” in India.)

After saying goodbye to our fellow travellers, (Thanks, Janice, Warren, Connor and Alannah we had a blast!!) we headed for Jordan. We spent the next few days in Petra, which was spectacular, to say the least. For sure it ranks up in the top 2 or 3 spot for places we have visited this year. I won’t go off in a big tirade of adjectives, I would just highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. Our last highlight of Jordan was realizing that this would probably be the last country in which we were awakened by the 4/5 AM Muslim prayer calls as it seemed like most of our hotels since Malyasia were right across the street from a mosque. (-;

We arrived in Rome on April 2nd, where Grandma Vi (Rick’s mom) and Grandpa Ray (my dad) surprised the kids at our B&B. They are spending the next few weeks travelling with us. After touring around some of the manditory sites such as the Vatican and Colloseum, then we took the train to Florence. We have a villa in the Tuscany countryside booked for a week. Yesterday we drove to Venice for the day where we walked around the city and took a small gondola ride down a few of the back canals. Tomorrow we are going to go to Pisa, before heading to Nice, France on Saturday.

Take care for now, Claudette

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