The Romance City: Venice

I am sure most of you have heard of Venice The love city. Well we went there yesterday. It is not really the city of love. It is a big touist atraction. There is 2 restaurants every 100 meters on popular road’s. It is also a pigeon attraction there are many tourists (and pigeons) in a big square. There is 3 vendors selling dried corn for you to feed the pigeons. You can put the corn in your hands and the pigeon’s will sit on your arms and eat or you can bend down with the food in your hands and let them eat from your hands but they are not on you. Last but also least you can throw the corn and watch them swam around you. I liked tossing it and when they were surrounding (Sp) you jump. Well thats all for now t.t.f.n (you know what it means).

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