Happy (belated) Birthday to me!

And also happy belated birthday Reem! And also happy belated birthday to Jessica! we are out of Spain and back in France now. I had a good B-day, but we had to wait til 900 for the resturant too open to have supper, because every where else people were smoking or the prices were WAY out of our range. and that was in Madrid. We dropped Grandpa Ray and Grandma Vi off at different airports and different counrtys but now we are alone again. And we have left Spain. The other day we got to see more relatives though! We saw Aunty Viv, Uncle Chris, Mik, Aunty Monique and Uncle Greg. We got to catch up with each other half way aroud the world! I had lots of fun and we all had tons of cheese and Baguettes. We also went to a wine tasting place too.Today we went to le pont D’avignon (the Bridge of Avignon) from the song. We danced underneath it because it cost money too go on top to dance. Now we are heading to another little town somewhere. We might be able to meet Aunty Monique and Uncle greg in Paris. I found out that if I won a million dollars and had to sort of waste it on something in every country in Europe, In Italy I would buy lots of Masks and in France I would come and buy smelly soap.
S’all for now

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