In france we speak A. French B. Italian C. Eneglish D. all of the before.

In France We speak D. Of course We haft to speak French. Dad forgets we are in France and speaks Italian and we all speak English Because it is our first language. So in France We speak them all.

We are somewhere in the south of France and we are staying in a nice hostel they have a dog and a cat who have made a truce. I was so happy when I found out that they had toys It was so much fun. I played with the dog for half an hour and he was very hyper.

We went to a castle on our second day there for some reason we felt more medieval at this castle than the last one. Me dad and Alex went and saw the torture device’s (I wish I did not it was creepy. Me and Grandpa saw the haunted house it was VERY Very VERY SCARY. Last but not least we saw the castle (we were walking around the town before.) It was o.k but I liked the haunted house better.

Really miss you Luke!!

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