We are currently formalizing our plans for travel across North America. We toyed with many different stops and routes and think we have finally come up with something that’s going to work best for us. As Claudette briefly mentioned previously, we’re looking to visit friends and family to visit along the way where possible. We’re also looking for living room floors or foldout couches when appropriate to allow us to stay up late and share a bottle of wine too. We’ve had several commented and e-mailed offers already, to which I heartily thank you all. Here’s roughly what we plan. I should emphasize that the dates are EXTREMELY flexible, and absolutely not set. Plus I’m unsure of the accuracy of my travel times in between locations. This current routing is also flexible and we are easily open to many deviations along the route. Just send us an e-mail! 🙂
We were quite delayed in getting our car shipped from Montreal, but are now on the road and seeing the rest of Canada!


——- ————- ——————–
2008-06-12 Ottawa Mills / Davis
2008-06-15 Alymer Cahil’s
2008-06-17 Saullt St. Marie Water’s
2008-06-18 Thunder Bay Phil & Joy’s
2008-06-19 Winnipeg hotel?
2008-06-20 Morse Potter’s
2008-06-21 Lethbrige secret visitor (hotel?)
2008-06-22 Trail Tanguay’s
2008-06-24 Ladysmith Edmundson’s, James’, Keizers?
2008-06-27 Vancouver hotel? (leave Isle early for long drive)
2008-06-28 Barkerville Artiss’
2008-07-01 Kelowna Artiss’
2008-07-02 Kamloops James’ & Gauthiers
2008-07-04 Airdrie Perpar’s & meet with McBride’s
2008-07-07 Edmonton Everyone Else!

So, that’s how things are “roughly” shaping up. Now, I just need to contact everyone written above that we’re presuming on staying with and confirm those dates are OK. 🙂

Looks like the nicely aligned columns of my typed in table are gonzo once I publish this. Bummer…

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