Situational Elitism

I discovered here in Quebec City that the Act Of Quebec signed in 1774 seems to be the route of our slightly messed up country. This wonderful little piece of legislation gave the entire area (now “Province”) to France for their own settlers. This was after the French had been generally tossed out of governing or generally “owning” any portions of the country. Such a huge and valuable area was given up only because the English were afraid of an invasion (and rightly so it turned out) from the Americans to the South. Now, 135 years later we are still paying dearly for some bureaucrat’s generous decision to give up an enormous chunk of very valuable land and all of the “distinctness” that came with that.

If only that negotiating team could see today what they have done; transfer payments that are the most lopsided of any province, seperate “federal” laws from the rest of Canada, and a constant whining for formal recognition from every other citizen in Canada of their Society being “distinct” within our extensive and very diverse magnificent country. This smacks of such elitism when every other area of Canada is so uniquely distinct from almost every other region or area. Comparing a Cape Breton Fisherman to a Saskatchewan Farmer. Neither would compare to a Quebec provincial bureaucrat who is ingrained with the “gimme, gimme, screw everyone else who needs it more than me” philosophy of life.

I really can’t fathom how any single citizen or group of citizens is/are any more distinct than any other individual or group. We met many residents who were wonderful and friendly, but until the CANADIAN citizens of Quebec start thinking this way of themselves (and electing some party other than Bloq) the rest of us should remain uneasy and rather offended.


As a parting thought (and in all fairness) I should also add this little point about the three Northern Territories. While Quebec’s transfer payments are unbalanced and the whining rate excessive, the second largest federal budget is DIAND. Granted, we don’t whine “too” much, but if Southern Canadians really knew how their hard earned tax dollars were spent on “Indian & Northern Affairs” there would be mass riots in the streets. That would constitute a whole other post, (and probably not on this blog).

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