Links to Christmas 2009 Newsletter and Video’s

We’re really bummed because our annual Family Photo Christmas Card seems has been lost by Canada Post!!! It’s been over 2 weeks and no cards. Usually we have our Christmas Cards and Newsletter mailled out by now. So for all those who can’t wait we decided we should post them up on our family weblog!


As mentioned in the newsletter, during our holidays in Dawson City, we were filmed by the Canadian Tourism Commission, so here is the video we partly starred in.

Funny enough when we got back home to Fort Smith, the same film crew was here filming kayaking on the Slave River, so here is two video that show some local flavour and, our amazing world class rapids.

And here’s another couple videos from different groups, of the rapids. Really amazing…

Slave River 2009 from Jacqui Whitehead on Vimeo.

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