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Happy (belated) Birthday to me!

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

And also happy belated birthday Reem! And also happy belated birthday to Jessica! we are out of Spain and back in France now. I had a good B-day, but we had to wait til 900 for the resturant too open to have supper, because every where else people were smoking or the prices were WAY out of our range. and that was in Madrid. We dropped Grandpa Ray and Grandma Vi off at different airports and different counrtys but now we are alone again. And we have left Spain. The other day we got to see more relatives though! We saw Aunty Viv, Uncle Chris, Mik, Aunty Monique and Uncle Greg. We got to catch up with each other half way aroud the world! I had lots of fun and we all had tons of cheese and Baguettes. We also went to a wine tasting place too.Today we went to le pont D’avignon (the Bridge of Avignon) from the song. We danced underneath it because it cost money too go on top to dance. Now we are heading to another little town somewhere. We might be able to meet Aunty Monique and Uncle greg in Paris. I found out that if I won a million dollars and had to sort of waste it on something in every country in Europe, In Italy I would buy lots of Masks and in France I would come and buy smelly soap.
S’all for now

From the canals of Venice

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Yesterday we drove to Venice in our rental (car). It was very cool! I think the first thing I noticed (that I liked, that wasn’t part of the scenery) was all the mask shops! I almost got one, but in the end I decided not too. I did get a picture of a mask though (not like the one I had chosen out, but still veeery nice) on Grandma Vi’s camera.
Basically We walked ¾ of Venice (the long part I think). We walked to a square place with tons (!!!) of pigeons. We but some pigeon food and fed them, which was so fun! At first I was just putting my hand down on the ground (with the bird food, which was dried corn) and just letting them eat of my hand. Sometimes I would touch hem, because they got so close! It was a very funny feeling them eating off my hand, like mini vacuum cleaners! But after a while, I got bored of that, and stood up so they would fly on my arm! That was even more fun! They would fight for my arm! Mom was the unlucky tenant of a tired pigeon, on her head. It was such a laugh, until Luke (who wasn’t with us while that was happening) came running at us and scared it away. >:(
Once we ran out of food, we had to leave. We walked back a little ways, then dad took a while, because he negotiated a ride on a gondola (because they normally go in a circle for 50 minutes) , and in the end we got 25 minutes closer to our destination, and had to pay for that and the 25 minutes for him to get back. Bit of a ripoff if you ask me. after that we walked back to the parking garage and drove back to our villa ( 😀 ) for 3 hours and fifteen minutes. Once we got back home we all went to bed (it was 9 ish)

Villa Life ;D

Monday, April 7th, 2008

We have left Rome, and now we are in a villa like place in Florence (Firenze in Italian). It very muchly reminds me of Germane Lake (in the winter)! It was freezing cold when we got in and it took a while to get the air warm and the floor (even though its the next day) is still cold (but it has a few warm spots. Luke and I built a fort (on the fold out couch, which I share with Grandma Vi) and it wasn’t folded out, and we both could lie down inside. We just used blankets, 3 couch pillows (they are smaller then pillows you would normally sleep with) and a chair. Inside, Luke watched me play on the PSP and it is much warmer than outside. The adults played crib, and dad lit a fire, it’s much homier for us, and gas (for the furnace) is 4 euros for a cubic meter of gas (home gas, not car gas), which we have to pay for once we leave. But we still are using the stove (which uses home gas, just not as much). We are only using it to heat up water for coffee (and hopefully hot chocolate later) so by the time we leave (in five daysish) we will probably only have to pay 4 euros total (for the home gas).

Bonjourno! (from Italee)

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Hi everyone! Well I’ve learned since flying from Jordon to Italy, that Luke is not the best panic person! First off It was really only minor things, he just has no hope. When we got to the airport in Jordan, we realized that dad had left his Visa (credit card) at our previous hotel (the one we had just come from) and they would have to find it, then send it on a 40 minute taxi ride to the airport. Then Luke’s boarding pass, was non-existing. So, dad went out of the preliminary security and waited 50 minutes (the taxi driver had other Issues, that dad will tell you bout, one example, the security guards ((outside)) started wondering why he didn’t have any passengers, etc) then let out a big WHAHOO (which we heard from where we were, just past the check-in place. I forgot to mention, we had to go back and forth (between two counters for different things) a few times but, in the end, Luke’s ticket worked out ok. Also, they sent our luggage in (before) Luke ticket checked out ok. WHOOT WHOOT, HUGE disaster potential there! Anyways, fast forward a bit. We (om Luke and me) are sitting in a area after all the check in counters (basically you are separated only by a cubicle like wall, same goes for the preliminary security and everywhere) and we have been there for about half and hour (5 hours Luke time) and we are all just about to give up any hope on seeing Italy, (this is where the Luke is not a panic person part comes in) ESPECIALLY LUKE who is saying “I can’t believe we don’t get to see Italy and Europe!!!!” In the end, we heard dad’s Who hoo a minute later, and we got through Immigration. THEN when we got here (to Italy) We had to wait about (FOREVER!!!) 45 minutes, because our baggage was in the very back of the plane, and got lost or something! We were not the only people (on our plane) who had to wait for our luggage (thankfully). Luke was also telling me “I can’t believe I’ll have to just where this (we didn’t know how warm Italy was going to be, so mom got us to wear pants and long sleeves, instead of shorts), I’m really (too) hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Like the past situation, we got our bags 5 minutes later. After that everything went totally smoothly (except grandma vi telling Luke he has to Puke 🙂 ).
I was very surprised (!!!) when we came to our apartment and found Grandma Vi and Grandpa Ray here! When we came in, we found Grandma Vi in the first bedroom. The following conversation sounded like this. Grandma Vi starts. “go to the bathroom, you probably have to go. I don’t, I went at the airport. Well you’re so suprised, you might puke!!!!” Luke went into the washroom, only to find grandpa Ray!
The next day we had settled and started to explore a bit. The girl who lives here has a Jack russel and she pretty much looks exactly like Pete! So far we have been to Saint Peter’s Basilica twice, The Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museum. And I think the very good Chinese place where we had supper the other night deserves to be on that list (just kidding).

Alex’s Petra Report

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Written for March 30th & 31st

We just left Egypt yesterday and we saw Petra today and are all very tuckered out! Petra was amazing! It has about 3000 visitors a day, but that hardly seems real, because the whole site is very spread out. To put it another way, You’d never know there was that many people. To describe Petra in one word, WOW! They have done amazing stuff there. Pretty much all the town was carved directly from the mountain, and majority of it is still connected to the mountains. The colours of the rock are amazing! There is blues, greens, reds and a few other colours. If you went exploring, and you weren’t careful, you could easily get lost and have your camera batterys empty, and your camera card totally full of pictures, never mind videos! Breaking news, boths cameras aren’t really working. In mine it still works, but the pictures button is stuck. So if I turn it on, it will take a picture, then get frozen on that picture, and you have to turn it off again. But I’m not sure whats wrong with dads. S’all for now!

Petra #2

Monday March 31 2008

Today we saw a bit more of Petra. We found out that the little sand bottles that they make is actually sand from Petra. I would love to buy one though. We got a very good video of me throwing a colored chalk rock on a real rock, and it looks very neat. We also met up with George and Monica again in one of the resturants. We went up quite higher then we did yesterday. I think we went up to the crusaders castle, which was quite high, and had no railings. Imagine how skakey mom was! Also we did a little circle on a camel, which was very scary, but fun! They don’t seem very tall, but once you get on one, you can see for miles and miles (sorry, kilometers and kilometers). And when you are going down it is quite a dramatic angle! I thought I was going to fall off of my camel! And once I got off, someone came up, gave my camel some water (it drank right from a bottle) and gave the man a kiss afterwords (it twas a tourist)! When we were leaving, my dad got a good price for some donkeys, and Luke and I rode one for a while (we both had our own donkey)! I think I cost 7 JD (about 10 canadain dollars). It was very fun and well worth the $10. Mine was dark brown and Luke had a white one. The owners were boys, probably not much younger then me. I think Luke’s donkey was partially blind, because he would sometimes get to close to the edge, and scrape Luke’s leg. Both the boys were steering my donkey, so Luke was kinda on his own.

Yay, other kids!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Written on March 20, 2008

We met up with the Mcbrides! We met in Cairo and took a bus too an oasis and spent 2 days in a hotel. It had a pool, but the water was from some kinda hot springs, so it was warm and can stain your cloths. On the second nigh, Alannah and me made a potion! It consisted of onions flower petals and water. We mushed everything together, then drained some of the water in an old water bottle. It stunk!!! We considered using it as a bug repellent, but it wasn’t that strong! So it is a potion that cures happiness and stuffed noses. Minor side effects include a runny nose, and tears, and awe of the colour made by the flower petals. Then we spent last night in the desert. It was very nice, we got to see a little fox with HUGE ears and a big beetle. We also had an almost full moon. We are in the white desert, it was very light outside all night, because the moon reflected off all the white chalk rocks. The camera couldn’t see anything but our eyes could see pretty much perfectly. Alannah and I stayed up until about 12:40 talking. We had lots of fun, although I still can’t find my bag for my sleeping bag. I think we only have 2 or 4 more days with them though. I really wish we could stay together longer. I think we go to Luxor tomorrow. Then maybe onto another oasis.

Alex’s Petra Summary

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

We just left Egypt yesterday and we saw Petra today and are all very tuckered out! Petra was amazing! It has about 3000 visitors a day, but that hardly seems real, because the whole site is very spread out. To put it another way, You’d never know there was that many people. To describe Petra in one word, WOW! They have done amazing stuff there. Pretty much all the town was carved directly from the mountain, and majority of it is still connected to the mountains. The colors of the rock are amazing! There is blues, greens, reds and a few other colors. If you went exploring, and you weren’t careful, you could easily get lost and have your camera battery’s empty, and your camera card totally full of pictures, never mind videos! Breaking news, both cameras aren’t really working. In mine it still works, but the pictures button is stuck. So if I turn it on, it will take a picture, then get frozen on that picture, and you have to turn it off again. On the family video camera, the lens cap was having problems opening sometimes. S’all for now!

Petra Day Two

Today we saw a bit more of Petra. We found out that the little sand bottles that they make is actually sand from Petra. I would love to buy one though. We got a very good video of me throwing a colored chalk rock on a real rock, and it looks very neat. We also met up with George and Monica again in one of the restaurants. We went up quite higher then we did yesterday. I think we went up to the crusaders castle, which was quite high, and had no railings. Imagine how shakey mom was! Also we did a little circle on a camel, which was very scary, but fun! They don’t seem very tall, but once you get on one, you can see for miles and miles (sorry, kilometers and kilometers). And when you are going down it is quite a dramatic angle! I thought I was going to fall off of my camel! And once I got off, someone came up, gave my camel some water (it drank right from a bottle) and gave the man a kiss afterwards (it twas a tourist)! When we were leaving, my dad got a good price for some donkeys, and Luke and I rode one for a while (we both had our own donkey)! I think I cost 7 JD (about 10 Canadain dollars). It was very fun and well worth the $10. Mine was dark brown and Luke had a white one. The owners were boys, probably not much younger then me. I think Luke’s donkey was partially blind, because he would sometimes get to close to the edge, and scrape Luke’s leg. Both the boys were steering my donkey, so Luke was kinda on his own.

Wow, a Real Cruise!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Today we are officially on our cruise! It left today around 2 (pm). There is only (!!!!) 3 kids on board! I think they are German, but their English is good. We have been playing Tic, which is like tag. Today was the dress up party, and I’m conveniently having to write this log. 🙂 I don’t have a costume, or anyone to talk to this time. I slipped away after supper. S’all for now!

You can’t walk on us forever!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

We have been notoriously cheated, for many things. As dad puts it, “they see us as walking banks, they think we are only here to help the economy”. That is exactly (for lack of a funner word) pretty much true. I won’t tell you every time we got cheated, because I’m sure dad will put in a very detailed account of each time. But my favorite is our Nile “cruise”. We were stuck on the boat for 3 days. They continually lied to us and everyone else, saying “oh no, we will move in 3 hours (or so)” and it just went on and on like that. Some of the guides ferreted out the truth, and they actually took the manager of the boat to the police station! We made some good friends on the boat, Ron and Janine and Lora and Alex. Once we left we all went our seperate ways, which wasn’t fun. Then once we got on our new boat, dad found Ron and Janine (actually they were looking for us, he hid behind a tree and scared them!) and it was really nice because we got to chit chat for a bit. We were on our boat for a while, then we went over to there tiny (and so cute!) cruise boat. Lora and Alex and their parents were on the same boat as them! Sadly, as it turns out, Lora and Alex had checked out, 5 minutes before we went onto the boat to visit! What bad luck! About half and hour later, we had to go have supper. We are now on a cruise, that is going somewhere (in fact, we are moving at this very moment) and it is much nicer. On this cruise we have polite French people, and not a single pushy Russian!
S’all bout bad luck for now!

Wowwy wow, wow wow!

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Wow! The other day We went to the pyramids of Giza. They were huge! We also went to the first ever pyramid built, which was quite by accident. The great pyramids of Giza where amazing! It was made by a grandpa, father and son. The grandpa made the biggest of all the entire pyramids in Egypt. I don’t know if the father and the son were second and and third in Egypt though. We went into the tomb of the father’s pyramid. It was very stuffy in there. Last was the sphinx. I actually thought it was bigger then it is. But of course it was still very impressive, even with no nose. S’all for now!

Kenya by Alex

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

On the 1st we left to Kenya, and we stayed in Nairobi for one night. We lucked out and got a really nice hotel, because its low season, we got the good price. It cost $100, but normaly, in high season it costs $300! I think about $200 would e a fair price for it in high season. The restaurant was very very good! Fair prices for the food, and it was delicious! The first dinner I had Crocodile and dad had Ostrich. Luke decided not to be adventurous, and had a medium-rare sirloin steak with a garlic sauce. It was almost as good as when dad makes it. 😀 My crocodile tail was good, the ostrich was better but Luke’s meal was best! For dessert, I had a strawberry melba, which consists of strawberry’s, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a strawberry flavored syrup. It was veeeery good! Dad had a chocolate mouse (which was the real, and very yummy thing), Luke had apple pie (not NEARLY as good as Joanne’s or Anne’s!) and mum had a caramel custard. The next supper me Luke and dad had medium rare steak with garlic sauce. We went to the airport at about 9:00 pm. Our boarding time was 4:30 am. We had to leave so early, because we were told that no taxi driver would want to get up and drive us at 1 in the morning! When we got there, Luke and I played for a bit ( with a foldable frisbee) until half an hour to an hour later when the girl who was sleeping near us, woke up and we all just started playing stuff together. At first it was don’t let the balloon touch the ground, next we played with the frisbee for a bit, and then we played entirely pointless (but very fun!) baseball. We used the frisbee as a bat, and one of the balloons as a ball. First base was a thing too measure if your carry on was to big, second base was some seats, third base was a table and home base was some check in counters. It was very tiring too. Then at about 2:30 am, they let us go into security, but when we got to our gate 5 minutes later, we weren’t allowed in there! So we had to wait until 3:30 or so, until we could go in. Me and Luke didn’t sleep until we got on the plane, and by that time we were long gone!!! I was a little under slept when we got here, but, we’ve sort of adjusted. S’all for now, bye-bye!

You can’t not do a safari in Africa and you can’t go to Africa and not do a safari!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Saturday Febuary 23rd Day One

Its day one on our five day safari and it was absolutly amazing! New creatures we saw include;
– A wild elephant
– A hippo(matatamus 🙂 )
– A giraffe
– Tons of Baboons
– A vervet monkey
– Warthogs
– A Dik dik (which is a tiny gazelle)
– Some mongeese
– And a couple different kinds of birds
The giraffes were very tall! And cute in their own extended way. I just can’t get enough pictures of them! We took a TON (!!!!!) of pictures. It was lotsa fun because we were in a jeep with a raised sunroof thing so we could stand on our seats (in the park only) to get a veiw and pictures. I spent 95% standing up through the sunroof. I think most of my pictures are of the giraffes, they are just really pretty.

Sunday February 24th 2008 Day Two

Today we took a very bumpy tour of a HUGE ( the crater!!!) national park, which is in a crater. Today we saw our first,
– Close zebra
– Close Water Buffalo (wildebeest)
– Lion(ess, no guys)
– Lion cub!! (so cute!!)
We also saw some Zebra babies, and found out that the younger the zebra, the lighter there fur. The babies have brown stripes and the older ones have black stripes. The lion cub was soooooooo cute (even though it would love to snack on your leg!). We only saw one dead animal which was a zebra, near our first Lion(ess’ not one male showed up, except for maybe the cub, but we don’t know). The guys actually stay home and let the ladys do all the hunting. I’m pretty sure. We are very lucky to be able to charge things in the car, I’ve been using about 3 batteries a day! Back to the dead zebra (just for a moment) I think we spent a lot of time “studying” (shall we say) it. I made sure to get lots of pictures and video on the guts coming out and of where the tail USED to be. (WARNING!!! not for the squirmish! the video). Riding without the roof in the jeep is fun, its a free rollar coaster!

Monday February 25th 2008 Day Three

Today we saw a leopard! We only could really see the legs and part of its body, but we still saw one. We also saw more mongeese and got closer to a warthog, and a HUGEMONGUS (hehe I made up that word) herd of wildebeest. I kinda feel sad because they were kinda doing a practice run, but one of the babies got separated. Which means that it is going to die. Most likely a lion (so we were told). We also saw some more Giraffe. Last night we made friends (after we wrote our log), a Zack and May from France. We had TONS (!!!!!) of fun! We sang lots of songs (mostly badly 🙂 ) and exchanged jokes until 9 pm (ish), when we could delay our bedtimes no longer.

Tuesday, February 26th 2008 Day Four

Today we saw our first male lion! He was hiding behind a tree and a bush, so you could only see him from one side and the front. I got a really awesome picture of him looking right at me! We also saw the remains of a baby wildebeest up in a tree. The leopards will do that to keep their catch away from everyone that wants it except the scavenger birds. there was a lot less animals, even though we were safariing twice as long. We also saw the usual, Zebra, giraffes and wildebeest. When we got back there was lots of new people and Luke immediately went around to see who to make friends with. In the end we were chitchatting to 2 girls and a guy, Amanda, Dezz(aray) and Jim (don’t put everything in bold on the blog) an we had tons of fun! It was kinda funny because I let it slip how spaghetti is Luke’s favorite and when he finished his supper, he went to talk to them, and in the end he got to have spaghetti. What made it even more funny, we had something Luke doesn’t like that night! They had marshmallows, but in the end we couldn’t have a fire, so no marshmallows or smores. We even had crackers and this really good chocolate which has milk chocolate on the bottom layer and white chocolate on top.

Wednesday February 27th 2008 Day Five ,final day

Yay! This morning we got to roast marshmallows. No time for smores though. We are now on the bumpy ride back to Arusha. We didn’t really see much Wildlife, but thats just because we were heading back. But we did see a big(ish) herd of zebra. But on our way home we went by a volcano, and it started to have a mini eruption! There was lots of ash coming out of the top, and every once in a while the ash would break and we think we could see lava! It looked more like lightning, but we’re not sure what it was. It was waaaay awesome! Then a little bit after that we saw a HUGE (!!!) sand devil (aka mini twister, mini tornado). Now to our list of natural Disasters we have experienced (harmless, no damage inflicted) we have: tsunami warning, 2 earthquakes (in the same city), an erupting volcano and a mini tornado. Thats a pretty good list! Then we sat through the rest of the ride, occasionally saying “dad the charger is unplugged, AGAIN”. Once we got back it was dark. It was very nice though, because dad booked us into a different hotel then the one we were in before. And it was much nicer! Luke and I don’t have to share a bed! The pillows are also very comfy. Well I guess ANYTHING would be comfier then sleeping on an airplane pillow, like I did on the safari!

S’all for now, bye-bye! Alex


Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Now we are in Tanzania! It is quite hot here! We spent 2 days in Dar el Salaam and now we are on an island called Zanzibar. We had to take a ferry to get here. Now we have all gotten sick in the past few weeks with the same thing! I think I almost had it the worst. It stills pains me now even though I “recovered” a day ago (or 2?). we went on a spice tour today which was lots (!!!!!) of fun! We first stopped at a few spice farms and saw (and smelt), cinnamon, lemon grass, ginger, coriander, mace, nutmeg, cloves, and a few others. And they was some village boys who didn’t have school then, so they kept following us and making really nice things out of huge leaves. I got a very nice ring, that had an add on so I could put in some stuff, put in some cinnamon and lemon grass (which turned out to be the best combination!). And a basket, bracelet and a few of the spices (that I couldn’t manage to be the last one smelling). In the end they wanted money (which we did give to them) But they really took advantage of Luke, he just couldn’t say no! He got one of everything (except for a ring to put things in like mine and some corriander). He has thing really funky hat, a weaved frog, a basket, a tie (weaved) and tons of other spices and stuff!

After that we went into a cave called the “slave cave”. It is where one of the kings kept his slaves when the British were in Tanzania. It was very hot underground!! I thought it was going to be nice and cool, but it was almost as hot as above ground! Our guide said he (the king) had 200 slaves in their! I couldn’t believe it! Maybe 100, but not 200! There was a little pool of water where they would take drinks. at both ends of the cave they are these big kinda holes (except they are really wide, maybe 50 meters) and you could escape from there. On one side it was impossible for anyone to survive, because it was so hot, and if you didn’t go at the right time, the high tode would kill you. But on the other side some slaves actually made it out(the ones that knew how to swim. It takes about 3 hours ands it 30 km (I think) when above the cave it takes about 15 minutes! But there was a guard above the cave. Then we went for a swim an it was so nice! The lady who was sitting at the back of the bus with mom let me borrow her goggles and I got some very neat shells! I got on that would be awesome for a necklace, and one that was the beginning of a conch shell and two other ones. S’all for now! Buh-bye!


Sunday, February 17th, 2008

In all the hubbub about my last log I totallyy forget to actually really write something about Dubai! It was very nice, but quite expensive! I had just the best time at ski Dubai, which (as I found out) is actually attached to a mall. The mall is very big and I think its almost bigger then west Edmonton mall! After just one visit, Cinibon became my absolute favorite store there! MMMMMM! I had one that was sooooo good, it had melted vannila icing, with nuts, and the cinnamon bun itself was warmed up just perfectly! I almost bought a blue (tsk tsk me and my blue things!:)) PSP, that was a slim version. I decided not to because “it is a bit of a waste of your money” (I’m quoting mom) and because I was tired of having my forehead being burnt right through with moms eyes. In the end I feel I regret it a bit, but I’d never hear the end of it.

One we were finished with our daily shopping ( The only thing we actually bought ((and didn’t return))was stuff for ski dubai and for the movie and something else ((I think))) we took a last minute tour around to see a few building in the city. We stood just outside the gates of the sailboat hotel, and got a nice night veiw, and saw a bit of a laser show. It was very pretty, even though we couldn’t get the best pictures (for example, the entire thing, it during daylight, ect).
We also saw what is going to be the tallest building in the world! It was very neat, because they built it to be the tallest for 20 years. If someone trys to beat their record they just wait, then once the other building is done, they have built it so they can build it taller!
S’all for now, bye!

Unlucky Luckouts!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Thats what we have been having! For example, in Mumbai mom and dad messed up on the day of our flight, so we got there one day late!! On the (very) lucky side, We got to meet the Mcbride family and have dinner with them! And we got to buy new tickets for the same time (next day) when we got there for a very reasonable price! Example #2: When we got to Dubai we decided to go to Ski Dubai earlier, and how lucky we were! It turns out that unless you book ahead no lessons are left! We found this out and immediately booked lessons for the next day. In the end we got very lucky! We had to book lessons by the way because they don’t let anyone on the big hill who has no experience (Even though I am a ski instructor! as dad had to point out). In the end we got one group lesson and one private lesson. Just a sec I’m getting ahead of myself! There is 6 levels (I’m pretty sure) Discovery, Beginner then 1 through 4. Me and Luke have never skied before so we were discovery. They told us you have to AT LEAST (and they really stressed it!) Level 4 before you can go on the big hill. Me and Luke aced the first lesson had a bit of a challenge on Beginner but still aced it. and in the end I got to go to the very top! I still went on the non pro side but, I t was very fun and a challenge! What I do is I lightly brake most of the way down and do a little bit of maneuvering, and whenever I felt I was going to lose control, I try and regain it but if that didn’t work then falling on my bum always does! I guess you can understand why I’m sore! I really feel sorry for dad, because he pulled a muscle. Hes been limping and hobbling around ever since! On our way here he got special treatment because of it, riding around in the wheal chairs and the cars. But it was kinda funny Because when we arrived here he tried to sit in one but immediately was told he had to get out. I think he was very sore after that! We are now in Da rel Salom (I hope thats right!) and it is the hottest we’ve been since about Thailand! Actually were are in Tanzania. S’all for now bye-bye!!
PS it is ONLY minus 4 in Ski Dubai, we were ready to just go in our t-shirts!

My Conclusion of India

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

I’ve decided to add India to one of the places I want to go back to. Even though it was very dirty and saddening because of the poverty it is still a very very charming country. It was very funny because we were in Mumbai and we saw a really nice flapper dress and dad joked and said “ I’ve got an Idea! Instead of making the $600 round trip to Edmonton (for 4 people) and buying a $400 grad dress for you, we’ll make a $4000 round trip to India (for 2 people) and buy you a $10 flapper dress for your grad party!” I think that was one of my biggest laughs in India! I think the cleanest place was Mumbai, But the nicest looking place was Kovalam, the beach town. One of the most charming places was Agra (thanks to the Taj) and Delhi wins noiseist hands down! I wish we could have made a one or two day stop in Goa though.

I really didn’t mean to throw out my sea legs!

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Not that we are on the sea again. We’re just on a house boat (a very nice one I must say!) in Alapie (Alapy?) which has lots and lots of river like canals. There is quite a few small lakes I think if I was in charge I would be desperately lost! It is very fun though (except for all my nightmares about the boat sinking!) The houseboat seems very big! It has a little ladder where you can go up to a roof top lookout thingy. It provides very many pictures opps up there! It has a main kinda deck with some chairs (which is where we mainly are!) then a hallway then a door for mum and dads bedroom, after that (still a hallway) is a little open area for a table and chairs (where we eat the meals) then you go a bit furthers and its me and Luke’s bedroom then beyond that is where the crew members are (theres only three of them) I not sure about their sleeping arrangements but I know that two of them pull out mattresses and sleep in the “dining room”. I haven’t quite pecked up the courage to go beyond me and Luke’s room but I will tomorrow because I want to get a couple of pictures of the entire ship. Since we’ve been on the boat I’ve had a bit of trouble eating 3 meals a day again but its sorta easy because its all Indian food so I don’t eat as much as I normally would.

We met another Canadain family touring (they said they were voluntouring). I think their last name is Gunn. I just checked and it is. We never really could get down to chatting with them, we only pulled them over on the side of the road to say hi and where we were from and that (we also only really saw them again once). I have to say I am going to miss the beach but this trip is beginning to feel like school. Blink an eye at the start of the year and its christmas. Very soon we are going to be in Egypt! We are almost done India! And it seems like it was years ago when we were in China! So the house boats are really nice! not much else but please make sure to look at the pictures and expect to hear my conclusion on India soon!
S’all for now, bye!!!!!

My choice (finally) is the BETSEST!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

The Taj Mahal is beautiful BEYOND words! I would feel kinda bad just saying it was “beautiful”, or “cool”, or even “breath taking”. It is simply beyond words! (it is also pretty much beyond exclamation points!)! I am just the slightest bit disappointed because we didn’t get to see it go pink. I guess it has to be a certain time of year or something. They made you wear these little cover things over our footwear so they don’t have to clean the marble. It was looked after VERY well! They have lots of precautions and rules to keep it in good order. For example you are not allowed to bring food, gum or candy in, or bags (so they don’t have to search it). You are allowed only to bring in cameras and water (and clothes of course). Then, once you get past an outside gate you have to pay for use of a video camera. Then, once you get inside the main Taj Mahal gate you aren’t allowed to take video anymore. Only still pictures. The people didn’t know (and probably wouldn’t let us explain) that dads camera takes pictures and video, and that we wouldn’t take video. They thought my camera could only take pictures (and we didn’t explain that it can do videos and we took several. We were then even).

Then, once you went to go inside the fake tomb room (I’ll explain in a moment) you had to put all cameras away. There are two chambers, an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The bodies are actually in the lower chamber but you aren’t allowed to go there. In the upper chamber there are two fake caskets.

Now to start describing it. From any pictures you see, you’ll think it is a building with a dome on top and two towers on each side. But it is actually the building with a dome on top then a square raised platform surrounding it and a pillar on each corner. It is a BEAUTIFULLY carved Indian Marble. It is actually harder than Italian marble, ect (we kept on getting told this). And once you get on the outside of it near the entrance, there is lots of semi-precious stones inlaid into the Taj Mahal. It was designs of flowers and there were just so pretty! There were also carved flowers right below it. It went all the way around the building. Once you got inside (surprisingly there was no long line and you actually had room for your elbows!). There was a first little room (again with the inlaid flowers) which in the middle had the stairs to get down to the real caskets. This opening in the floor had a little fence to keep people away and a metal grate that was locked up with a padlock for even more security measures (because lots of people here ignore the ropes and the fences we often saw).

Then you would walk into the second room where the fake caskets were. It has another grate like wall (except carved of marble and going vertically instead of horizontally in the floor) which had a kind of doorway so you could see the “pretend” caskets (and of course surrounding that was a rope fence.). Around the room on the outside walls were again beautifully carved white marble window openings. I think there was 3 kinda “layers” (shall we say) of walls with windows. The first layer had glass, but the second and third did not (have glass). The ceiling was very high and it had clever grooves carved into it so you couldn’t tell which part was the groove or the part that was sticking out!. The entire thing was just stunning!

Surrounding the Taj Mahal (about 200 meters away and outside the main gate) were the places where the laborers slept. Now time for a little history about it. The Taj Mahal was a dedication (from a king) for his second wife who died while giving birth to their 14th child. He wanted to also build a black Taj Mahal (an exact copy of the white one, but for himself). The Maharajah’s son didn’t want him to build one, so he imprisoned his father. The son thought it was a further waste of money, and didn’t want anything to foreshadow the mausoleum built for his mother. The black Taj Mahal never got built. When his father died (I think he was still imprisoned), he got put in the Taj Mahal with his second wife, (in a slightly larger more ornate casket). There was no big ceremony or anything. He was simply placed beside his favorite wife in there and then everyone left. Very sad.

I forgot, once the Taj Mahal was finished, the Maharajah had the hands of the master carvers who worked on the Taj Mahal cut off. This would ensure that never again could they create something as beautiful. That’s all (sadly) about the Taj Mahal.

Also today we went to look at some shops where they have semi-precious (or colored) stone inlaid into white marble, (from the same quarries as the Taj). First we went to the guide’s place, and didn’t buy anything. Then we went to the driver’s place and bought about 200 dollars (Canadian) worth of stuff. (I’ll explain why we went to the driver and guides place in a sec.) We bought a plate for our kitchen wall rack (with the Taj Mahal on it of course). I bought a VEERRRY pretty pendant. It is a heart with some colored inlaid stones which makes a flower. It only cost about 20 dollars Canadian. The tourist business is cut throat here! We had to go to both places because, if we buy something, whomevers place it is they get a commission when we buy something. The driver was polite about it, but the guide wasn’t! He took us to his inlaid place then, when we didn’t buy anything and we got back in the car, he said “ I want to take you to a place, it has star of India”. We just said we wanted to eat, then we were gonna go to the next town with our driver (the guide was only for Agra). The guide kinda got mad and us and starting insisting that “no you will like, I want to show you star of India”. We just kept on refusing and you could barely tell, but he was a bit angry. We later found out from driver that when you don’t buy an inlaid thing, they’ll take you to a jewelry shop, then a fabric shop and on and on. There are desperate for that commission. I liked how our driver actually asked us if we wanted to go. He told us before that they get commission and if we don’t want to go then tell him. We did tell the guide before we left that we didn’t want to go, but when we came out of the Taj Mahal we forgot and he noticed and took us there anyways. The drivers do what the guide says though, because they want to stay friends. Also everyone wants a tip! A guys tell us how to get good pictures and what to do then after he says he wants tip. Oh yeah I forgot our guide was also very bad! Yesterday he took us to the red fort but he rushed us through everything! Then today he showed us the right way down to the Taj Mahal, walked us down this road where cars can’t go, then handed us off to another guide. Then once we got to the second gate to get in, the second guide pointed us in the right direction and said goodbye. Turns out he isn’t an officail guide so he can’t go in (or get caught inside) with tourists. He only walked us about 100 meters and told us “that is where some of the laborers stayed”. Then guess what he did? He asked for a tip. Then, also near the gate there were 2 cows who had a huge rotary blade style lawn mower that pulled behind them. We took a couple pictures while they were on a break) and the owners posed with the cows. Then once we were gonna leave they asked for a tip! I didn’t have to pay but I still got a headache!

It was funny because when we were just about to leave Luke had to go to the washroom, but he forgot to get toilet paper and when Dad went in to check on him, they remembered mum didn’t have her purse. So dad pulled out and suggested using a 10 rupee bill (not even thirty cents Canadian). Luke, who seems to care more about the money than himself said “I can’t use money!!!!!!!!!” We could just barely hear him from outside the bathroom! In the end they found the attendant who was selling toilet paper. Ironically it cost 10 rupees! S’all for now miss everyone!
PS Taj Mahal is AWESOME!!!!!!

Incredable India! (cont)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Today we did a little half day o touring. We saw the Red fort, the lotus temple and some parlamint buildings. We spent most of our time at the red fort though. It was very cautious. They did the uuh thing were they feel alover your body to make sure you you don’t have a bomb or something. It’s my first time, and hopefully last! There were two seperate lines for boys and girls. All the boys were sniggering as the girls went through. It was veeerrrry embarressing! The lotus temple was absolutly breathtaking. We went by a few parlamint buildings but they were all boring except for one which had REAL gold on the roof.
S’all for now, miss you guys!!!!Alex

Incredable India!

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

We are now officailly in India! We actually only got here last night and we’ve only taken a little walk just this morning, but, we are here! We are in the budget end of town so we don’t really know what to compare but so far I like where we are! Traffic is crazy though!!! All you can hear is honking horns! Worst of all traffic is bad pretty much 24 hours! I think our taxi driver said something about big trucks only being allowed to go on the roads at night. That reduces traffic a bit. But it is still very crazy. I’m VERY excited because we are nearing my destination choice, The TAj Mahal. NOw that I have my own camera we will have triple the pictures!!! S’all for now!!

School days

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Yesterday I went to school (again but this time it was way funner!)!! Jim got us some teacher friends and we got to stay for the day. I was in grade 8 and Luke did grade five. My teacher got me a buddy for the day, Her name is Sabel (I think it might actually be Isabel but every one was calling her Sabel. We did computers, languages (Chinese French and 2 other ones I think), Band, LA and I think Math (I can’t remember!). My favorite subject was in band. In every other class I has to sit and read. but in band I got to fiddle around with the drums and the guitar and the piano. It was fun. The class split off into there bands and practiced the song they each made up. It was the most fun I had had at school for a while( considering the fact that I HAVEN’T been at school for a while.). S’all for now! miss you guys (and school) lots!!!!

Great Wall

Monday, January 7th, 2008

The great wall was absolutely amazing! You can go pretty much any where! Time gos by really fast. We decided we were gonna go to the place were the gondola comes up (it was closed so we had to up by the ski lift). We got up reeeeaaally early and caught the sun rise. We were also the first ones on the wall. It was just amazing! We set a goal (the gondola place) And we thought it was impossible, but we did it really easily. It was kinda funny, because we were coming back and Luke said “Hey look its a snack shop!” then dad asked if it had a big M and golden arches, and Luke said no but then I said “ does it have a big L for liar liar pants on fire theres no snack shop!?” In the end we found out he wasn’t lying (I was confounded)! I highly recommend going there now!!!

Amazing Acrobats!!!!!!

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Last night we went to the Beijing acrobats, and they were positively absolutely amazing!!!!! I mean you could tell that they had all been training since the age of 2 and that pratice took up a lot o time in their lives, but it was so cool! First off they were doing some very hard stunts. they had a teeter totter set up an a ladder (it actually looked more like a diving board) and to guys would jump off the ladder and fling another guy up into the air, where they would do all do a flip or a double flip or something. One person was on 2 stilts and he had a pole so he wouldn’t fall, then the 2 guys jumped and he let go of the pole, did a flip in the air and landed it!!!! then the next guy came on on ONE stilt (they were tied to his feet, not a foot). The two guys jumped and he did a double flip and landed it!!!! The next act were some very very very flexible girls. They were amazing!!! It would be so hard to totally describe what they did so I’ll just tell you a little. There was one girl for this bit and she had a candle like thing in each hand, one on her foot and the last one she was balancing from a rod in her mouth! and she turned all around the table thing she was on. There was actually three girls total. Then in another part the first girl lay down on her belly then brought her feet up near her head. then the second girl lay down on the first one then brought her feet near her head. then the third girl did the same thing on the second. They all got on and smiled. the entire crowd was laughing and clapping like crazy (moreso clapping though). I think my favorite acrobatic feat was with the bicycles. somehow they actually got 13 girls on one bike!!! and once they did it was really cool because the girls on the outside edge put out they fluffy white fans so they looked like one giant fan, on a bike!!! My favorite not acrobatic act was this one guy who was in front of a made stage wall. You could clearly see a rip in the wall. but when he got near one of those rips he would start waving his fan around and you couldn’t even see the transition, but every time he got close to one of those rips his out fit would change color! thats all I really totally remember about the show that I could say in great detail. See you later!!

Temples of Beijing

Friday, January 4th, 2008

The other day we toured the summer palace. It is where some of the old emperers (and empresses) would go for summer. It was a very nice llittle place. It sort of surronded a lake. Because it is winter the lake was frozen and on the lake there was some people folling around. There was lots of decorative buildings all along the grounds. I think my favorite one was the boat house (thats was I think it was called). It was a building that was shaped like boat, but it was on the lake and extended a bit. So it looked like a boat. We weren’t allowed to go in it though. After lots of touring I think I’ve decided China (popular places like where all the tourists are) are as bad as in Peru, when it comes to people trying to sell things to you. They just don’t take no for an answer! Its painfully anoying!! The only funny thing was when someone offer to be our tour guide for forrrbidden city, and we told him that Jim was our guide! It was very funny trying to convince him!
Yesterday we took a quick tour of forrbidden city. I don’t know much about the history but it was also a very nice place, and had a nice view of tienamin square. I can’t rem much now but this will be a fixxed.
Today we went to 2 temples. The first was the lama temple the second was called the temple of confushus (I was just guessing the spelling). It was really nice to walk around both of the temples. The second one was almost like a maze! It has a world record (guiness) because the really tall budda was made out of one tree. S’all for now
Miss you guys lots!!!

Figure Skating, The bestest sport in the world!!!!

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I bet you guessed already, but if you didn’t I tell you. We got to go figure skating yesterday! First the bad parts;
-the ice was bad
-the skates weren’t, making it even harder to skate
-they weren’t the type of skate I’m used to, no ankle support
-the ice was melting
So all in all I couldn’t do much because of those factors. Pretty much skate forward, sorta a spread eagle, a drag and a cross cut every 20 mins or so.
Good parts;
-It was way fun!!!!!!
-I got some pratice
-It reminded me of home, which is equal to no homesickness whatsoever for about 3 months
-I was the only one who didn’t fall!
-I just had the funnest time for a while!
Thats all the goods I can think of currently.

Ok I exaggerated, Dad didn’t fall. I was the only one who didn’t deserve to fall. Luke and mom fell which disqualifies them and dad did a running jump onto then ice. Therefore I was the only one who didn’t deserve to fall. 🙂

Now a few days later I really gotta say….

Really miss you guys!!!!

Miss you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

I can’t believe it’s the 24th already! I think we have about 13 countries left. The trip is pretty much half over. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, we are just missing home. Alot! The first thing I noticed when we got to Bejjing was the smog! You can practically taste it. It is very sad because it will be the middle of the day it is a cloudless sky but the sun is very blocked. But it is still a very beautiful city! I recommend every one who hasn’t seen the pictures should just stop reading right at this very moment and go look at the Santa Claus clan I made of plasticine. There is Mrs Claus, Mr Claus (Santa Claus), Baby Claus, Rudolf, two identicalish looking elves, four beautifully colored presents, a heart that says thank U and Santa’s sleigh (It is multi colored due to the fact that I was really running out of clay). It took me a while but I think it qualifies me to be an arteest (not an artist they are pros)! We aren’t in Bejjing right now though, we are in Shaing Hai. Here we are going to see the Oriental Pearl Tower. It is one of the tallest towers in the world and it is the tallest tower in Asia. To get to the place we are at we at we had to take a maglev. It kinda stands for magnetic train. What it is a train that kinda levitates using magnetics which allows it to reach very high speeds. When we were on the maglev it went 450 km! That is it for now, bye!

Laos (Le country de Francais thats not France)

Monday, December 10th, 2007

We are now in Laos (I was spelling it louse ) It’s really a nice place. 5000 kip ( kip is their currency) is about 50 cents. Here I’m a multi- billoinare :). I think I’m adding this to places I want to come back to. Now I really wish I was in Mary Poppins, (our Fort Smith skating carnival theme show). Oh well the carnaval might be better next year :). Miss you all!

Ella Etty Eather enjoys…

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

eating elephants from earth. That is a poem I made. Any ways :). We went elephant riding! It was lots of fun. Me grandma vi and Mom had to have one And dad and Luke got the other one. Ours was 26 years old!!!!! I can’t remember her (his?) name though. I’m glad we went to a conservation center, not a camp! We heard lots of bad things about the camps. We got to see a little show, then go for a ride, then we went to see the baby elephants. They we’re sooooooooooo cute! We got to feed the moms to,(we also got to feed the elelphants at the show, I forgot about that.) After seeing the babys we went to an elephant hospital. Between 2000 and 2004 there was approximatly 254 sick elephants there. We did a little shopping at the market then came home.

Also we just went for our second white water rafting rafting! I think I preferred the other time but this one was still fun. It is grandma Vi’s first time. Some how she always seemed to get splashed the most :). We just came from Cheing-Mei and now we are in Bangkok.
Nothing else has really happened. Bye bye!

Bragging rights ! (aka new stuff I’ve done)

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I so get them!!! what have I done:
I touched a Boa Constrictor!
(and this other really freaky green poisonus snake)
Gone scuba diving!
Kuddled with a koala (I misspelt that by aciddent by the way)
Gone parasailing(It was totally awesome!)
done zipling(don’t worry I know thats not a word!)
been to Machu Pichu
climbed a really tall tower in the amazon jungle
(thats all I can think of for now, I had lots but the message deleted itself (Ididn’t do it)

Stuff I still gotta do:
Go horse back riding (PLEASE DADDY!)
have a snake on my shoulders.
climb the Eifel (Eifal? Eifil?) Tower

thats all for now, expect this blog to be edited.



Friday, October 12th, 2007

We are still in Australia. We leave soon (I think). Since I last wrote, we have seen some of the great barrior reef and done some caving( I think it is actually called spelunking or something like that, must have been a guy named George Spelunk :D) The great barrior reef was really cool but the part we saw was kinda disapionting. We didn’t see alot of anything or alot of bright colours. I think we all really preferred caving! It was way fun, first we did a tour were we walked around and she was telling us how these brides, lond ago would get married in the church(which I’ll tell you about in a sec) and they had to go this long long way, in knee deep guano (bat poop). and People would also go to sunday mass , what you would do is pay for it on saturday(which cost an arm and a leg!) then on sunday you would get up really early get into your best clothes and take a 3 hour horse and wagon ride, then walk in knee deep guano( which I forgot to tell you was filled with all sorts of bugs, roaches, worms and maggots, just to name a few :D) in there best clothes and get all sorts of stuff in their shoes! Then they would sit through mass which was about 3 hours with stuff moving around in thier shoes! Then they would tromp through the guano again and get even more stuff in their shoes! Afterwards there was a picnic and many people would use it as an excuse to sneek of and empty there shoes then, take the 3 hour ride back home. It was very popular aparently.
There church was so so pretty there had speakers set up so we sat in there and Luke sang, (he sang put a little love in your heart by the way)and we listened to a song and had a light show. I was very cool. Then there was some bridges and a very ziggy zaggy passage way that we had to exit out of. Our guide had to let us out in the light becaus it had rained that morning so it it was kinda slippery (there was many sighs of relief when she told us this!)
I have found the perfect sport for lots of kids! Adventure caving! Thats what we did once we finished the tour of the cave. We all liked the cave so much that is what we decideed to do. All you do is you get a guide and they tour you around the cave leading you to many spots where you do something like belly crawl into a pocket then look around and try and get out! My favorite was called the whales belly, and what we did was we got boosted into a wiggle hole then are in a big space enough for 5 adults. then you have to get another boost and you go into this spot where you crawl on your belly and get into another space big enough for 2 adult and you have to crawl out of the whales blow hole it was awesome fun! my dad had to turn around. Me and Luke made it through every single one! My dad didn’t do 2 and my mom did 1 I think. Another fun one was kids only. I was the smallest one and I was this crack in a rock only just big enough for me! you had to climb up it but there was only one hard spot which is hard to get your leg through. I manged to go up twice and down once before we had to go. Anyone under 9 would not have a single trouble!!
Bye bye!!!!!

So many firsts!

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Yesterday we have almost completed our firsts! We had already seen our first possum and while we were driving to our next campsite, I spotted our first kangaroos! Notice the I spotted them no one else had beleived me until I forced Luke’s head to turn :). There were only little ones. We saw similar ones later that were the same size and we were told they are about in their teens. I’m not sure if we got any pictures, because the first time we were driving and it was to fast then the next time my dad had killed the the camera and I’m not sure I it got (ummmmm) unkilled.
Two camps ago I took my first surfing lessons and they were so awesome!! I’m still in the early stages but I can manouver on my belly and stand up and balence for a bit (20 seconds Is my record I believe). Now my mom totally has to buy me a surf board! If only I could keep it up! Theres no place to surf in Fort Smith!
Also When I got surfing lesson I saw my first real live Jelly(fish, I’m talking Aussie now!). It is a blue bottle and there tenticles can grow from about 2 inches to 2 metres! For every say 50 meters on the beach there was probably about 30 of them! Luckily this only happens in the summer because the wind blows them in (or something like that).
The only first we have to complete now is seeing a koala. When we first arrived we were told we would see a kangaroo because there is lots of them and they are pests like a black bear (excepts kangaroos aren’t carnivorous, but they have a pretty good kick and an adult could probably break your ribs easily). But koalas are very rare and extremely shy! I only hope we do get to see one that is not in a zoo.
Thats all I have to say we are leaving this camp pretty soon, Bye!!!!

It’s easy for mom, she can’t tell left from right!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

That is what Luke said while we were ajusting to driving on the left side of the road. The absolute first thing he said when we arrived in the taxi. I love Australia so far! When we first arrived it was nice, there was only one taxi driver (I’m comparing it to peru where there was a dirty hand slapping cat fight, except it was men) and it was funny because he said “do you guys need a taxi” and we said “‘yes but we don’t know where to yet”‘ and right away he led us to a big billboard and showed us all the good hotels. We had to phone atleast 9 hotels before we found a vacancy (I’m pretty sure it was summer holidays there plus we were in Sydney, the big city)!

Once we got our campervan, I was happy (no more walking or trains or taking the mono rail).

We have been in 3 camps with our campervan so far. One near the airport, where we didn’t make any friends(we were only there for a day).
The next one was south of Sydney, where we met Courtney and Hayden. Courtney is 12 and Hayden is 9 (And they are both way taller then us well courtney is taller than me but Hayden is only taller then Luke). Then they left, and we met a fam with three kids, Stephanie (7), Claudia (6) and Nathon (4). They were lots of fun to play with (but the next day we left :(!).
Then at our next camp site we go there and find (drum roll) Courtney and Hayden!!! Then Later that day We met Erin (10) and his older brother Jake (13). Me and Jake were really good friends, and me and Erin were really good enimies. Erin would totally devote himself to bugging Luke and Luke wouldn’t do anything so I would wave my hands like a wave and say ‘”Go Away!!!, Go Away!”‘ in a whiny voice and aproach Erin and he would fall to the ground laughing and leave Luke alone. It was very sad, but funny. We all (6 of us) Went exploring the campground at about 8:00 (it was dark) and we went possum hunting. I had never seen one before but we saw about 5. Then the next morning Courtney left:(! Then me and Jake went and wasted like 30 dollars( Australian) at the arcade:)! I found it amazing how Erin could be my biggest enimy one minute and then the next second (when I have money and we are at the arcade) he is my bestest friend in the entire world!! I alomost gave him 2 dollars! I wonder what his parents give him…
Then later that day Jake and Erin Left ( 🙁 🙂 !) Then I was at the pool for a bit and I saw (Drum roll) The family with the three young kids! We played for a bit then later at about 9 we went hunting for possums! We only saw 3 that time. then the next day (Today) we left ( :'(!). Now we are at an internet cafe and next we go to Point stevens then Coffs harber.
Thats all for today(I can’t see into the future)
bye miss everybody lots of love!!

Hot tub, Smott tub

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Written: Wednesday August 29 2007

Today we are in Agua Calliente. Translated from spanish to english it is Hot Water. Funny name for a town!!! It is named that because it has some hot springs, which we just came back from! It was only ok because it wasn’t o-natural. It was built with like 7 different pools. some are warmer, some have sand at the bottem and others are kinda shallow.
I think after being in the hot springs a hot tub will do nothing anymore, so now I have a reason not to go in!! Haha!! I never really liked hot tubs.
Tommorow we are doing some hiking( I think). Our leader will leave us for that day.
Well s’all for now bye!!!

Yet another time needed to catch up

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Right now we are in Cusco, Peru. We went through Lima were the earthquake hit, and it turns out there was no real damage there, and it barely got hit. Else where there is lots of damage and I think around 2000 people have died. glad we were not here!!!It is ok, but there are a few problems.
We are at a very highish altatude so we can get something called altatude sickness. You can feel like your chest is being compressed and sick to the stomach. The cure-ish, cafeine!!!! I haven´t been afected by the altatude yet but my parents have, and luke kinda has. We aren´t sure if we should give luke medacaton and make him even more hyper then he allready is!!!!!!
The other problem is they are people evry few steps who ask you if you want to buy something! Now it has kinda become a source of entertainment , because me and my dad learnt how to ask if it is free!:)
Other than those problems things are great!
Bye bye for now!!! Alex

Yuor Title Here

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Today is going to be lots of fun becaus we are going to a beautiful secret hidden beach where the waves aren’t too high. We are gonnna get a boogie board and a beach ball( yay!!!)

 There was another earthquake yesterday. It was smaller then the other one,but you could still feel it.

 I got my nails done!!! Annia did them and they are beautiful!!! My finger nails are ceramic but my toenails are done by hand and they are beautiful!!! they are pink with little red flowers. My thumbnail came off though cuz it was so cracked!

 Yesterday when we were swimming I was stung by a jelly fish called “medusa”. It stung, hurt, itched and burned at the same time. At first it looked like big cuts, then it disapeared, then it bubbled up as white bubbles and now it looks liike cuts again. Do not get stung by a medusa, it hurts a lot!!!!!!

Lot’s of new adventures

Monday, August 13th, 2007


Today (Sunday) was lots of fun!! We went to the beach, got caught in some rain (it was a real relief from the heat!!!) and decided to walk for about 800 m to the next bus stop to avoid the crowd and get a seat on the bus. Minnyana (tommorrow in spanish) we have to get up early to go to spanish school (see I’ve been praticing!!)


Catching up…

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The going away party at the end of July in Fort Smith was really fun. I was only going to spend a little bit of time on the water slide but I ended up spending the whole night on it. I said my goodbyes to all our friends and some unexpected people came for a surprise visit and to say goodbye.

I spent the next two days afer the party emptying my room and cleaning it up.
I saw someone I’m reqally gonna miss( Gracie G) on Tuesday!!! She was saying”I don’t want you to go” practically the entire time I saw her. I’m gonna miss her. I made a friend in the pool at the hotel. Her name is Elizabeth, and she was really nice! I had a really good dessert at boston pizza, it’s called vanilla bean cheesecake. I recommend it!!!!

I had a wonderful time in Edmnoton. I got evertything done. Except for when my parents were spoiling themselves like crazy because it was their aniversery, everything was good.

The way here was wonderful. I found a new song that I love!!! I’ll have to buy it when we come back. It is by an artist called Mica. For the last leg of the trip we travelled by bus. I loved it. At one point we were up in the clouds. My least favorite flight was the last one, It was the longest (even though I was only awake for about half an hour).

I love Costa Rica!!! We are staying with a family and learning spanish. There was a brother and a sister staying here before and they said this was the best house and I beleive them!!! For breakfast they normally have beans and rice and some fruit  (I didn’t go traditional and I had cereal and fruit, but tommorrow I will go traditional). The fruit is way good!! Probably because it is grown here. My bedroom is way cool!!! It has a window which opens up to the tiny back yard, and I can step throu the window! All the backyard is, is a clothsline and nature and you can’t see the neighbor! The house we are staying in is little, but yesterday it held 9 people!!! Now it is only holding 7 people. There are gechos everywhere!!!!!!!!!! The windows have to be left open( so air can get get in and we don’t sweat to death) so anything can crawl in and everything DOES come in!!! Thats all I’m gonna say for now…