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A long update

Friday, May 16th, 2008

This blog will have 3 sections section 1.Spain And section 2. More of France 3. London (We left the day after the castle to go to Spain). oh yeah ju st some news my fairytale is almost done. O.k here we go.
To those who have watched “My fair lady” know about the rhyme ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane”. Well I saw “the rain in Spain stays manly on….. US. Everyday we were in Spain it rained on… well us. We stayed in a hotel where the wall where so thin you could hear a fly buzz in the other room we think it was an old folks home before it was a hotel. On our second night there the people upstairs (who sounded as if there were downstairs) were making a ruckus. until (finally) my dear old dad (notice the old) went upstairs and gave them a warning. We went to see monastery. (not much happened in Spain.) The monastery was in the clouds so it was a long drive up with ears popping in all. When we got there we went to the church and I baptized myself in the rain (in the courtyard). As bill Cosby says “i once saw people being baptized in a swimming pool. My biggest worry is that the priest would leave me down there”.
We had a nice late sleep in today before We had our drive. The drive was about eighty minutes from the town we were staying at. then we got to a city called Barcelona it is home to the Gaudi’s House a church. It’s been under construction for over fifty years and it is only half done. Dad says It will be completed much sooner than Crazy Horse. We went to the tower it was really high. I did not like it (to high) the stair case down was a spiral stair case (creepy) we did not see the entire museum but it was cool.
Next we went to the Picasso Museum. This was also cool. Most of the first thing inside I did not like because they were not abstract. I did not know that Picasso drew stuff that were not abstract. when we got to the abstract stuff I looked at them side ways and I saw a person not abstract (just not right colors) i did not point this out to dad mom or Alex I think I should have.
My great granduncle was an 18 year old Private in the Canadian Army and was killed in battle just two weeks before his nineteenth birthday.
We first drove to the Vimy Canadian War Memorial we got a tour of the original tunnels and trenches used in world war 1. After tour we went to see a monument. on the walk up to the monument we saw maple trees the guard told us because of the climate they did not chance the same way they do in Canada. The monument had all the soldiers that were in world war one name one it. we looked for my great granduncle William James. it took a while so all i will say it We found him. After we found his name we headed to the Orchard Dump Cemetery that is where he was buried it took a while to find his grave but we did in the end. We took some pictures and video and departed back to our hotel.
Tomorrow morning we are going to try to go and see Monet’s Gardens before heading to Paris. I Took a million pic with my new camera (batteries were included) and met a guy named Tim we bumped in to him a few time so we did get time time to tell him about the trip. I loved the gardens and if I was to recommend anything inn Europe I would recommend that (plus the parking is good!! Paris was cool. the first sight we saw was the louve. We only saw two amazing things. One the Mona Lisa you were aloud to take pictures I took four. It wasn’t all that some of the other paintings were better. The other was Venus de Milo. We also saw the Eifle tower at night and the view was nice (to tell you the truth I did not get a good view I was to busy wishing I was on the ground.
We arrived in London from the chunnel and phoned George to asked for directions. George was waiting for us about 2 blocks away from the apartmenta. (sorry about the a at the end of apartment i was just thinking about Italy) We went on a day tour and I fell asleep when we got to the first stop I was awake. the stop was a picture stop for big Ben which is funny because big Ben is not the clock it is the bell. So I have never seen big Ben. Our second stop was the queen calvary museum they were practicing for the queens annual birthday party. you were not aloud to stop and watch you had to continue on to the museum in the museum (it was a small museum) there was a dress up place i dressed up in all the costume’s. We got pics of me in all of them. The next stop was Buckingham palace not much to see really just a palace that you could not enter and a road. After that was lunch it was good i liked it. After lunch was The tower of London in old London the town was pretty nice there was a few people walking around answering questions and giving free tours. The crown jewels were nice I think they were small for the largest diamonds in the world. Our final stop was the London eye pretty High. We saw the mystery machine when we were leaving. The next big thing we did was…..I HAVE TO PUSH THE SPAMALOT !!!!!!! (aka Spamalot) Spamalot is another version of the holy grail. they still had the classic parts like the French taunter, I’m not dead and the pigeon argument but they had different scenes also like the lady of the lake and his name is Lancelot he likes to dance a lot and king Arther gets married to the lady of the lake. it was nice.
P.S to any one how has the book wicked I would like to borrow it.

In france we speak A. French B. Italian C. Eneglish D. all of the before.

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

In France We speak D. Of course We haft to speak French. Dad forgets we are in France and speaks Italian and we all speak English Because it is our first language. So in France We speak them all.

We are somewhere in the south of France and we are staying in a nice hostel they have a dog and a cat who have made a truce. I was so happy when I found out that they had toys It was so much fun. I played with the dog for half an hour and he was very hyper.

We went to a castle on our second day there for some reason we felt more medieval at this castle than the last one. Me dad and Alex went and saw the torture device’s (I wish I did not it was creepy. Me and Grandpa saw the haunted house it was VERY Very VERY SCARY. Last but not least we saw the castle (we were walking around the town before.) It was o.k but I liked the haunted house better.

Really miss you Luke!!

Gisa…. not pisa…. Or pizza yum yum

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Today we went to Pisa. We were not there for very long. We just saw the main attractions like The Great pyram……. Oops I mean the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A church and the graveyard of priests. We saw the church first, that was when I found out Grandpa Ray had been there before. I found this out when mom said “is it like you remember” Dad said “has he been here before?” “yes” said grandpa Ray. The next thing we did was visit The Famous Leaning tower of…..

A. Giza
B. Pisa
C. Pizza
D. Fort Smith

It was pretty scary because the wall (the stair is going around the outside) was moving like this / | \ funny ay. We got to the top and me and dad started singing… (a Latin song) and so on. TTFN! Luke

Once Again Our Path’s Cross ???

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Is it fate? Who knows??? All I know is We found the McBrices Again!!!! As we were waiting at the train station I had to go to the bathroom so I went with Grandpa Ray as We walked out I saw Warren. I rubbed my eye’s and said “Warren” he replied “hi Luke” as if we had seen each other yesterday. He told me that he had bumped into my mother and that was why he was not surprised to see me. We spent the entire train ride with them and now are meeting for lunch tomorrow. Could it be a coincidence Maybe not !?!?!?



Friday, April 11th, 2008

Skype is awesome; it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I would like to get an account of my own. It has become an every time thing on the Internet. I have been chatting with Leesa on it. I have not chatted with her lately because there has not been much Internet and if there is dad or mom is on it.

The Romance City: Venice

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

I am sure most of you have heard of Venice The love city. Well we went there yesterday. It is not really the city of love. It is a big touist atraction. There is 2 restaurants every 100 meters on popular road’s. It is also a pigeon attraction there are many tourists (and pigeons) in a big square. There is 3 vendors selling dried corn for you to feed the pigeons. You can put the corn in your hands and the pigeon’s will sit on your arms and eat or you can bend down with the food in your hands and let them eat from your hands but they are not on you. Last but also least you can throw the corn and watch them swam around you. I liked tossing it and when they were surrounding (Sp) you jump. Well thats all for now t.t.f.n (you know what it means).


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Well, Rome is nice. On our first day here we had just arrived I looked at the side of the door and saw mail. The first thing that popped into my mind was – is this where Grandma Vi was sending us dad’s client card. I was right but not the way I thought I was right. As Dad knocked on the door a voice that sounded like Grandma Vi answered the door saying come in. As we walked in dad made me go first at the end of the hall (this is an apartment with 3 room’s) there was a sign that said James’ As I walked in to the room it was very dirty. (dirty with somone else’s stuff) I looked in the mirror. There was Grandma Vi’s head behind the door. I turned and screamed and ran to hug her – Dad got all this on camera. As we started chatting she told me you should go to the bathroom. My reply was, oh it is o.k I went at the airport. Then she said no you should go to the bathroom because you are about to puke. I was shocked when she said this but that is when I started expecting someone we knew to pop out but instead Grandpa Ray popped out as I screamed again and went to hug him dad was laughing but still filming.

Grandma Vi brought us some Purdy’s McNutty’s They were very good. It was some of the best chocolate I have had since home. She also brought us from Auntie Florence some easter chocolate with little basket’s and a sticker with the easter bunny on it. That was also very good. We went out for dinner shortly after.

We wandered off for a while looking at restaurants but in the end we bought store meat and some buns to eat the next day. Dad went back in as soon as we were done shopping. So he went and got his own sandwich from a bistro for dinner and the rest of us ate at the first place we saw that evening.

The next day we went to a temple; it was very cool. It had a slight view of the colleseum/collesso. It also had a good view of the Bascillica. On the way up I slipped on a step then twisted my ankle at the other step. It hurt a lot. We went to the Bascillica next and looked around. We did not do much there. The next day we took the metro to the spanish step’s/spanga We also went to a book store in the train station were I got a book called “The Secret Country” it was a very good book. When I was reading it, it said that if you took the wrong wild road you went back in time and that you could go to the killings at the Spanish steps/spanga. That is when I found out some Spaniard’s came and killed people on those steps. Cool. We also went to the colleseum/colesso. Where I got another book (i am done both) called “tiger tiger” It was not really about tiger’s – it was about a princess in old rome/roma with a pet tiger. and the pet tiger had a brother who was a colleseum/colesso tiger.

The next day (our final day) we only did one thing – that thing was going to the bascillica again. We climbed up to the dome it was a three flight elevator ride (very long flights) and than 347 steps to the top – it was fun. The next day we took a three hour train ride. I did not play the PSP, instead I finished reading my books. Then we took a 30 minute taxi ride to our hotel. The hotel is an apartment but I call it a hotel – it looks a lot like our cabin at Germain lake and I like it a lot. Well t.t.f.n (ta ta for now).

Goodbye Prayer Calls, Hello Pasta

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Sorry I am behinde here is what happened

Finally our curse is over. No more 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night until 8:00 at night prayer calls. You have no idea how tired I am. I am so tired my eyes are itchy and I feel like I am going to cry. I want to go to sleep but my eyes hurt so much I can’t.

The day so far was pretty Ruff. I mean R-u-f-f RUFF. First of all I went to bed at 8:45. Aex played the P.S.P until mom came in at 9:30, then when mom left she played the P.S.P until 10:30. I fell asleep then so I do not know how much longer she played. I woke up 7 times that night and each time I had to move the blankets. then at 6:00 I was fixing them when I was finally done and getting in the bed I heard ring ring and Alex got up thump thump Rin….. “Who is it” said Alex “Mom time to get up put on pants” she said so I stayed in bed. Alex was lying in bed telling me to get up and when I got up she stayed in. Then someone knocked on the door and Alex was like a rabbit being chased by a wolf Boing right out of the bed as I unlocked the door she was rushing to find her clothes. When mom and dad answered the door she was putting on her shorts. I was still in my underwear and my reply was I can not unlock my bag as Alex stopped for a split second and twitched. When I found out there was a heater and above the heater was a sign that said “turn on heater.” We went off to the airport just after (They did not have breakfast for another 15 mins.) we were dressed and started to check in then a problem occurred. My ticket had something wrong with it so we had to buy a new one. While mom and dad were doing this they put our bags on the plane and I was not checked in. So while this problem was happening dad found out he left his visa at the hotel so he phoned them up to come bring it no problemo Right? Wrong the hotel was 40 min”s away. So we went and got though immigration while dad stayed behind and waited for his visa. The next bad thing that happened was we got to the first immigration desk number 8 and he told us to go to immigration desk number 1. So we went there. He told us to go to Immigration desk number 2 so we went their. He told us to go to another desk because our tickets said we were a group. In the end we had to pay 10$ each to get past. To top that off we had to wait another 50 mins for dad to get back so we could tell him that he had to pay 10$ to get past 🙁

The flight went as planed but the airport did not the luguage was not there for an hour. I was panicking the first thought that oh no they put my luguage on before I was checked in and that our luguage was taken off the plain well I was wrong. When I was waiting for the luguage I started righting this post that is why it is very disceptive. Bye Luke.

Petra: A lot like Machu Pichu

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

As I just said Petra is A lot like Machu Pichu. It was like being in peru again the site was a lot bigger than the machu pichu site but still had the same amount of people vist it per day but I felt safer at machu pichu because if you hit Machu Pichu it would not break but if you hit petra it would break because it is made of sand stone. Sand stone is sand grains stuck together to make a sand stone. pretty simple eh? The first stop was a temple in which I saw on the drive to wadi Mousa (the modern day town beside ancient Petra). As we were looking at the view I saw it and asked what it was. The driver said horse’s. I looked down and people on horse’s were passing by it. When I said “no, that” he said “yeah horses” so in the end I did not find out what it was until we saw it up close. As we neared it I saw it first and said “hey that is what I saw from the view in the car”. We got near the dam and our guide explained that about 9 years ago the dam broke and 13 French women and their guide died. So they made a new dam and that lasted a few years then they blocked of the water and the dam became a wall then a hill to get to the bottom. The path leads to a canyon and you walk a mile until you get to a treasury. The treasury is said to be the most amazing sight in Petra. Then you walk though a much smaller canyon until you get to Petra city. Petra city had a population of over 35,000 they built caves that were rectangular. What amazed me was that they could have saved a bit of carving by making the corners curved but no they had to make them at a 90 degree angle’s. We ate lunch at 1:30 and then traveled a bit on our own We went around a small mountain And met a mother and her son still living in a cave. We met the son first he was herding goats as we chatted (he knew good English) while walking up the road he asked if we wanted tea we replied no thank you sorry he nodded and continued chatting until we got to there cave his mother came out of the cave and asked us if we wanted tea we replied the same as before and then she asked if we wanted to buy souvenir’s we also replied no dad was thinking about giving them a bit of money until the mother pulled out

A. a whack load of money
B. a bottle of coke for her son
C. Cigarette’s

Please send your comments as your reply

When he saw this he thought if she can afford ( your answer here ) she doe’s not need my money.
That was that. We went on like that in the end It was as I said earlier Just like Machu Pichu.

Day 2

Today We did not get a guide instead we traveled around at our own pace. It went on the same as yesterday until we got to the treasury. We had a bit of negotiation and finally me and Alex got a camel ride. It was very Scary. S-c-a-r-y scary. They have triple joints so you get on them there front legs go up whoop. Then there back legs go up wooo. Then there front legs go up more waaaa. Finally there back legs go up more weeee. But faster So Whoop wooo waaaa weeee. pretty scary Ay. We ate lunch at a cliff and stayed there for an hour and a half. by now it was 1:03. then we explored a bit getting pics we did not get yesterday We went back to the mountain we walked around the day before and walked to the top where the crusaders castle was it was the highest we got at Petra. finally We started climbing down When We had no path We found a path of our own. That made us the first torist’s to go into the theater. it was blocked off so no tourist’s could get in but not blocked good enough. We were neaing the end so we dicied to get a donkey ride back once again me and alex were the luckey winner’s it was fun but sad the kid’s that owned them were whiping them and pulling there tails so they would go faster. My donkey was funney it took the path with it’s eyes close. When we got off I huged mine he was Sooooo cute. We walked the rest of the way And said goodbye to Machu Pichu….. I mean Petra

A lot More Of Egpyt 3

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

The continued (and elaborated) backtracking adventures from a few weeks ago.

Today We took a train ride to Luxor. On the train ride they served us supper and breakfast. I was dead asleep during supper and barely awake for breakfast. We arrived in Luxor at 5:30 6:00 in the morning. We met the manager for the company (for Luxor) and he took us to the hotel. The hotel was o.k it had a pool but the room’s we got had A LOT. I mean A-L-O-T A LOT of horn honking from the window. Plus it was more expensive than the other rooms so we got the other rooms with no horn honking the second time we were there. We had just seen our rooms when our guide said “time for a tour”. We had been up until 9:30 P.M and had to get up at 4:00 A.M. But he still didn’t care how tired we were. The rest of the day went on with the guide showing us things and us being tired. Once he was describing us things that were written there and dad saw that we were tired and did not hear him so he repeated in a little less complex words. when he was finished the guide said “O.k you know more than me lets go” dad seem a little astonished by his comment because the guide was very smart and seemed nice. I on the other hand did not like him from the start (not that that is good or bad) I am happy that he can not read this. The square’ that leaded to a temple I did not like also because it had a very powerful smell of CAMEL POOP (Puke). When we finally got back it was 1:30 A.M (just kidding) We ate lunch which was not very good but all I ate was rice the waiter was very lazy he did not bring the entire menu and said that was all there was. We finally got some rest. Mom, Dad and I slept while Alex played a game on the M.P.3 mind you I did not sleep as long as Mom and Dad. But mom did not sleep as long as dad but who cares. The rest of the tour (with that guide) went on pretty much the same way only one new thing happened other than experience. It happened at the valley of the king’s before we had seen any tombs our guide pulled us over to a rest stop. He started showing us picture’s. There were a lot of flies there so I started rubbing my hands up and down my legs and the guide told me stop and pay attention. So I stopped soon more flies were landing on me than everybody else put together so I stood up was going to walk around a bit than sit down again but I stood up took 2 steps and he grabbed my arm and tugged me back into my seat and told me to stay. As we walked to the first tomb dad pulled me behind and told me next time I should sit by him. Mom came behind and told me to go ahead so I did. Later I found out that we were firing him. He showed us all 3 tomb that we were to look at (one ticket meant 3 tomb’s) we later found out that your guide was only suppose to show you 2 tomb’s you picked the last one (proves what kind of guide he is). later that day the guide was having trouble explaining something once he was done he said he only got 3 hours of sleep that night so he was tired. When I heard that along with the rest of the family I thought B-A-L-ony we were tired ad did you give us sympathy and plus he did not look at all tired I think he did not know. He just was making a baloney excuse. To make a longer story short we fired him.

Thanks everyone for comments made on previous blogs. They made us happy and make me know that you are happy for us! 😀

A lot More of Egpyt 2

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

O.k if you look at the title it says A lot more of Egypt 2 because I am doing them out of order. Meaning the last “A lot more of Egypt” post was about the great pyramids.


We left to go to the airport at 2:00 in the morning and our plane at 3:00 and got into Cairo at 4:15 and got on our second plane to Sharm at 4:30 then got into Sharm at 5:30 then finally We took a van to Dahab got to our hotel and got ready to relax we found out that we had a little problemo. The room’s we booked had been at the other side of the resort. me and Alex had our own room at the same side of the resort as conner and Alannah.At the other side of the resort all the parents had their rooms. We re-booked so our rooms to be at the same side of the resort. Our rooms were now closer to the nice pool. We were very lucky that breakfast was still running because it was 9:30 when we ate. Then we finally we got to our room and had a nap.

A lot More Of Egpyt 1

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Oops we have already met the mcbride’s and as you know I have not written a blog since the great pyramids. One thing I can not forget is a GREAT BIG Happy Birthday to a five year old girl, named Gracie so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE (sorry for not calling). Now on to Egpyt. The next thing we did was the Cairo museum. At the Cairo museum We went to the first floor first.We saw a lot of things. One of the first things We did was look at the rosettea stone, a differnt stone saying how the Egyptians concord the Indian, statue’s and some piller’s. Then We went for Lunch. After Lunch We went Back in to the museum to look at the second Floor on the second floor was what I came to egpyt to see King tut / tutincomen (sp) things mainly the Golden mask. We waled Through his Things and saw a head rest about 9 centimeters off the ground our Guide said was a pillow. Alex making a joke about it said so thats why they walk like an . Later
On our first boat ride it was confermend to be only for the mummies. Then finally We saw it the mask of king tut / tutincomen (sp) They had it in a glass container in the middle of the room with his jewelery and coffin”s .Our guide said that the mask represented a young man because he was 18 or 19 when he died.It had some hieroglyphics’s (sp) on the back. The coffin’s of king tut / tutincomen (sp) is a funny story he had a big movable room with a smaller movable room inside and inside that was a smaller movable room inside and inside that was the smallest room inside the smallest movable room was a big coffin inside that was another and inside that was the smallest coffin inside that was (finally) the mummy of king tut / tutincomen our Guide left us there because know all We had to see was mummy’s the first mummy’s We saw were animal mummy’s the first intact (sp) one We saw was a crocodile there were plenty more but I will just bring up a few of them. A dog, the dog was one of the mummy’s that was not wrapped and was not rotting.after seeing the dog I pinched my arm for a few min’s. Another one was a bird the bird was not wrapped and not rotting, it was now just a model (sp) made out of it’s bones. The final one was wrapped a bit and rotting. This one is a cow. The cow did not die naturally (if you are under 10 do not read this) there was turpentine inserted to the cow though it’s penis to eat out the inside’s and then (under ten year olds may read again starting here) the cow was mummified and put into the kings tomb. The final thing We did that day was look at royal mummies I have picked out three royal mummies. Number one a mummy that was so very old that it had green skin this mummy I found it scary so when I walked ahead and saw it I ran back to dad. Mummy number two this mummy was not N-O-T a favorite (sp) When they were talking the brain’s out something went wrong so the nose was split in half and she had brown and a bit of blue skin for my final mummy was my favorite her face was B-e-a-utful her nose could not look any better her skin was in between brown and white and her hair looked very smooth one of the other reason’s I liked her was she was buried with what looked like a baby but x-rays show it was her pet baboon.


Monday, March 10th, 2008

As I said earlier Egpyt RULE’S. We took a tour of the great pyiramds and the spinx today. Tommorw we are going to the Museum. The first thing We did today Was get up Than We ate breckfast than We met our guide. (We are going to five place’s today by the way) Than We went on our tour. Our first stop was a small place with very few monuments our guide said That We should save our time and camera film for later He said ther were only 3 monuments We should look at number one was a small spinx. Not the famues spinx infront of the great pyiramds But a small one. It had a small moat with grass growing in it no water. The next thing was a staute I’m not going to tell you who it was. Post your ansers on coments and I will tell you when someone gets it right. here are some choice’s
.king tut
.Alexander the Great
.Ramses the 1 or 2
or Alexander Mackenzie

Choose wisely.

And the final staute was the same person as the last one so I can not tell you But it was humengus When it was found it had no legs And the legs remain lost to this very day. The second acticaty 2%5 We went was The first pyiramad ever built I will tell you the story because you can not watch it on the camera. Well egpytions beleaved in life after death So when someone died they would put them in a hole the hole could be from 30 meters deep to 5 meters deep depending how rich or poor you were there was two rooms one for you to go to and one for thing’s you would need in your after life. but thiefs would break into the tombs and steal your stuff So the bult mud wall over but they could destroy it very easiely this desturved a arcatecter very much so he bult a tomb the very same way but after the mud he layed stone and this became the first ever stone tomb 3 years later he thought whey not add another layer so he did. Another 3 years later he thought why not add another layer he thought this was sush a good Idea that he made many more layers and so became the first pyiramad. The pharo thought this was such a good Idea he said only pharos could have this as beareal chambers and so it was done. Wow this is getting to be a big blog.Activaty 3%5 next We went to a papyiras (sp) factorey were they make and sell papyiras (sp) drawings We were loking at buying one but We could not agree on one so WE did not get one. 🙁 activeaty number 4%5 it is now lunch and it is very good activaty number 5%5 final acticatey The only Achent (sp) wonder standing Guess what it is I will finesh my blog once you guess……

\ || /
\ || /
\ || /

Just kidding

So on to THE GREAT PYIRAMADS (Opps I told you what it was he he) Well the first thing out of three things We saw there Was (drumroll please ) The tallest pyirmad out of them all The Great Pyiramd When We got there all We saw was a bright ligh on top of the pyiramad. So It was hard to see how tall it was. But it was preaty tall When We got to the other side You could see how tall it was. We got to the second pyiramad I found a gold stone (I will send a pic of it) outside of the pyiramad. We could go into the second pyiramad and Boy was it hot H-O-T hot Well it was not really hot it was humid but it does not matter. We should have brought a fan that would have made it cooler. The final thing We went to was The bigest oldest coolest Sphinx (with no nose and no false beard) also the most crowded. There was a fence around it so no one could get in if they did not pay. One man put all his things inside the fence and was selling things to people inside.
Well thats all today.

Leaving Kenya, and a Nice Hotel

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Wow! And to think I did not want to go to Kenya. First of all were not dead, second of all were in the airport so we are safe. As I was saying earlier, (in the title) we left an very nice hotel. The rooms were fantastic and very cheap but the were only cheap because not many people were coming to Kenya now. There was a pool and GIANT rooms for the price it was at.

When we got to the airport it was 8:00 PM. We made some friends and we played until it was time to board which was at 4:00 AM and I hadn’t had a minute of sleep. Of course when we got on the plane I was asleep before we took of. When we arrived, it was 9:00 AM and we got to the hotel it was 12:07 after lunch and we fell asleep. Goood night

India No Match for Africa !!!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Day 1

Hi everybody its me again. I have to say that Africa is FANTASTIC. We just started our safari this morning and we have already seen two giraffes. They were very young. Our guide said one was 5 and the other he did not say. If the other was 5 than this one was most likely young too. It is about 15 minutes to lunch, so two o’clock in the morning at home. The African landscape is just as I thought it would be but it has more mountains. It’s pretty much just a wide open space with BEAUTIFUL trees. Every now and then we pass a small farming town and a few herds of sheep or cattle. Other than that, there is hardly any life outside of vehicles before we entered the park, Not including plants. If I were including plants, there would be a LOTS of life.

Entering the Park

We are just starting our tour. We entered the national park and the first animal we saw was …… (drum role please) baboons!!! They were so CUTE with their little red bums sticking out and the little babies holding on to their parents bellies. We saw one baby hoping from rock to rock across a creek at a baboon paradise. He was about 4cm wide, 17cm tall but only 12cm tall when he was crawling.Then we saw our second type of animal, 3 elephants. They were throwing sand on their backs to keep them cool. Animal number 3 was giraffes. There were only two but later there were 13 in one place. Next we drove by a river and found the most dangerous mammal in Africa, a hippo. In cause you did not know, a hippo is the most dangerous mammal in Africa. I was very happy to see a zebra because most other people we talked to said they did not see one. We are now on animal number 5, which is Pumba (a warthog). Sadly we did not see Timon (a meercat). Finally, my favorite animal on the tour so far was 2 dik diks that we saw at different times. As I thought you do not know what a dik dik is, it is pretty much a under sized gazelle about a foot tall. Both were males because they had antlers. Well, that is pretty much all for today.

Day 2

Today we went to a HUGE volcano crater that is inactive and we saw all kinds of animals. Some of these are: zebras, wild boars, ostrich, spotted hyena, jackal, thomson gazelle, birds (I do not know the names), lion, dead zebra, leopard, lion cubs. There were 5 lions lying around the dead zebra, resting after the kill. We did not see the kill but there were birds and other animals waiting for spare grub. The lion cubs we saw later on were VERY CUTE. All in all the best part was the vehicle ride. It was SO bumpy that if you stood up on the ride to the top of the crater you were practically flying out of the car. I stood up for almost the entire time !!

P.S. The zebra’s guts were coming out all over the grass. The tail and one of the eye balls was missing. Nummy eh?

Day 3

Not much happened today. Unless I heard the other talking about an animal I had not seen before, I would not look. The exception is if it was a lion because they are so cool. Im looking forward to seeing another dead zebra but I will not get my hopes up. The only new thing that happened was that we saw a warthog up close (Pumba). We also saw some mongoose’s (sp?) They’re like meercats, so close enough to Timon (from the Lion King movie). Last night we met some kids our age. Their names were Zack and May. We stayed up in their tent until 10 to 9. We told jokes and sang Mika (very off tune and at different times). It was a LOT of fun. Later we exchanged E-mail addresses. The sad part was they had to get up at six in the morning the next day and their tour ended that day so we did not get to see them again. 🙁 Well that all for today.

Day 4

Today was not much different than yesterday. We did not see any new animals, but we did see a lion up close. It was right beside the road. We are staying at the same campsite as yesterday, so we have 2 safaris today. We have only taken one and there is no new people at the campsite yet. I can not wait until we see the McBride family again in Egypt. We’re going to party till were purple (just kidding).

Skipping to the afternoon now… WOW! Forget what I said earlier, the afternoon was fantastic. We (finally) saw a male lion behind a few bushes. We would not have seen it if we had not seen another tour jeep taking pictures of a tree. When we saw them doing this, we went to see why they were taking pictures of it. As we got closer, they pulled away. So we were looking around for what they had been taking pics of. Then Dad said “what were they looking at?” Mom, staring at the bushes said, “maybe that lion”. Sure enough, hidden under the bush was a VERY well hidden male lion. We took a lot of pics of him. Shortly after that, we saw a dead baby buffalo (close enough to a dead zebra) hanging on a branch in a tree. The guide said it was probably put there buy a leopard. He also said they eat their food in trees so the lions don’t steal it because the lions are bullies. Other than that, the day was like any other with zebra’s, wild boars and birds.

Day 5 Final Day

Today we are heading back to Arusha. During our last safari we did not see any new animals but on the way to Arusha we saw 4 leopards. Yes leopards, NOT cheetahs. We also saw a camealean (sp?). It walked very funny. When it walked it walked like a rocking chair. It would swing 4 times before putting its foot down, then repeat for every footstep. When it was in the grass, it turned green. When on the road, it was a reddish brownish. The ride was long and very bumpy. We took the long way so we could see a volcano. While we were there, it had a mini eruption!! There was ash everywhere, it was very cool. Well actually hot but it does not matter. There was also mini lightning or lava, we’re not sure. You could see a flash every now and then. It was hard to see because it was bright and not very cloudy. About 10 mins later we saw a mini twister, that Dad said went up about 40m. It was not as cool as the volcano, but still cool. That is two more things for our natural events list. When we got to the hotel it was 8:00 PM. We ate supper at 8:30 PM and when i had a shower my hair was leaking dirt. Now its SO soft. Well that’s about all. But I’m writing a kids chapter book about me and Ian in a fairytale land. Once I’m done, I will put it up as a post on the ”friends” Blog. I am writing chapter 2 right now.

Sianara, Luke 🙂

Tanzania Up Close

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

When we got into Tanzania I thought this was nothing like India and I was right there is not as much horn honking just as much as fort smith and the Tanzanian aren’t as crazy drivers as the Indian there is not as much pollution as India and definitely not as much dogs I have only seen three !!! We stayed in an O.K hotel for our first two nights in Tanzania the second night we were there I got sick I was having the same symptoms as you would if you had malaria ( dun du dun )
worst of all a very high fever 38.26 . I was having a lot of diarrhea I had to go 27 times in one night mom took me to the hospital the next morning and I got two needles one to help my fever another to test my blood the one to test my blood hurt more . We went on a ferry to get to another Island about a half an hour after I was at the hospital the ride was not smooth but not bumpy. I Had trouble finding the toilette when I did find it I just sat down and went not looking for toilet paper as you probably guessed there was none and yet I only noticed it half way though my poop. Luckily mom had some in her bag and dad brought it to me when we arrived All i wanted to do was lie down to make a long taxi drive short I did . I ended up being sick for a day and a half after the trip to the hospital and still have the sniffles .As I got better Alex got sicker and when I could finally go out to eat Alex could not . my first day I had a meal with mom and dad was breakfast I got a brownie I saved one bight for Alex who was stuck in the room mom had got Alex some toast that alex said tasted like bannock Alex also said that it was the best meal she had had in a while that night we called a few family members and Tim to say hi we gave a little update on what was happening we went to the spice area the next day there were a few boys making leaf crafts for the group We saw cinnamon trees lemon grass coco beans and a lot more the funny thing was the boys just continued giving us stuff I got a hat a tie a frog a necklace a ring and 3 bracelets all for one dollar total in the end I only kept the hat and the tie ( I lost the frog wa wa wa it was really nice ) The hat Is something Ian would LOVE and the tie is just cool anyways I think I’m starting to blab on and on and on like dad so see ya : ) : )

Where was your first ?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Where was your first time down hill skiing ? Mine you ask ? Dubui .
it all started when we were buying the tickets. we had a little trouble getting them because mom and dad had a two hour lesson and Alex and me could only get one hour ones so we had to book a discovery and a beginner lesson but the day we were there the beginner lesson was all full so we pre-booked it for the last day we were there( better late than never )so we went around the mall to buy some stuff in the end we ended up returning the only thing we bought(not including food)
We went skiing the next day it was SOOOO COLD ( – 4 ) we took our lesson and then dad took us on the BIG hill . dad and Alex went around the entire mall his legs were hurting a lot today so when we were at the airport dad got a wheel chair ( I mean come on ) so now were here in Tanzania !!!!!! see ya : )

In memories of India : (

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

As you now know We are leaving India ( a few moments of silence please …………………
thank you

ALL RIGHT !!!!! We are now going to bring up a few memories of India . India was a ………. ( two hours later ) and NOW the good stuff !!! When we first got to India I thought it was HORRIBLE all the horn honking and SUPER CRAZY drivers not crazy SUPER CRAZY But if I was to recommend a beach to someone with NO jellyfish, nice digging sand and low price chairs that come with an umbrella for five Canadian dollars. I would tell them about a beach in India called the lighthouse beach in Kovalam the sad thing is it might be the last beach we go to until we go to pine lake ( N.W.T Canada ) The Taj Mahal was great ( but I wrote about that already ) I liked the patterns on the wall .


Monday, February 4th, 2008

WOW, we’re finally back on board since the Galapagos. We booked a boat for two nights we are just about to have our second night on board we leave tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.When we got on the boat we explored the boat I found a part that you could have a good view and a nice place to read . We left the dock at 11:00 AM ( of course you knew that is was AM whey would we leave at PM thats a bit to late to be leave ) and then I read the book harry potter 6 and number 7 now now I have read 1 though 7 it took me 26 days ( it took Alex 2 month to read the first book but she was in grade 2 at the time ) I did not care much for the food it was a bit spicy but the last meal for dinner was the best the meat did not have any sauce . but the bad thing was that the ribs were to small to be a chicken (maybye rat 🙁 )

really missing everybody,love Luke : )

INDIA In Action

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Today we were touring all after noon ( SO TIRING huh ) We visited the red fort, we took some pics of monkey’s. we actually spent most of are time at the red fort touring around the grounds we also saw some parliament buildings they were very boring except for one building with real gold for a roof top ( Alex actually pointed it out. ) We went to a lotus temple second (the parliament buildings were third.) We bought lunch and a elastic helicopter at the lotus temple

Today we went to the TAJ MAHAL we had a little trouble with are guide. our driver handed us to a guide That guide took us down a path to a gate then handed us to another guide and said, here is your guide THAT guide took us to another gate (if you looked through you could see the Taj Mahal) and left us when we asked him to come through he said, I can’t I don’ have the right papers to guide you. SO we ended up guiding are selves we got into the chamber (finally) and looked at The fake tombs I bet your wondering if I said that right YES fake tombs to make along story short (Alex did the long story) there are two tombs one is real one is fake The real one is under ground the fake one you can look at BUT not take pictures of. There are stairs going down at the entrance (there ARE blocked off). We also took a look at the reflective pool (it showed the reflection of the Taj Mahal.) It was rather disappointing we did not get to see it turn pink at sunrise P.S On the trip I have been counting dogs the entire trip number is 572 not including India the number for India is 427 ( that is in 5 days) the old record was Australia with 217.

Today we went on a tour to see tigers. We did not see any though (no one has seen one for months ) on the other hand we saw lots of deer we saw some deer the size of a caribou the men looked like they were caribou with there huge antler’s we also saw spotted deer they looked very much like bambi with the skinny legs . We also saw some Indian Gazelle there were only two one mother and one baby. At the start of the tour the guide asked me if I could come with him to get the tickets it turned out he wanted me to draw the route number out of the bag. He said that was a good route to take. In the end I thought he said that to make me feel good. P.S we are half way into the trip!!

Mind your own business (class)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Today we went on a business class flight (finally). We had big comfy chairs and me and Alex got Harry Potter 4 sticker books (yeah) Harry potter 4 is also the book I am reading. Best of all the stewardesses were doting on you, (hee hee doting is a funny word). We also watched some movies and Spongebob episodes; Dumped, and survival of the idiots. For Dora, I watched the lost city episode. Last but not least, I watched 2 Rugrats episodes; the BBQ and waiter, there’s a baby in my soup. I enjoyed it a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Food of China

Monday, January 14th, 2008

In Beijing we had all sorts of meals. Our first interesting meal was peaking duck. In Beijing you eat duck like a taco. You slice the duck up and then wrap it up in thin soft taco bread. Our second main meal was a hot pot. For those who don’t know what a hot pot is, you basically have a bunch of ingredients around a table and boil them in well, a hot pot. The last interesting meal was at 1001 Arabian nights restaurant but it was not the meal that was cool it was the entertainment. There were belly dancers dancing. We only watched two dances. I think it was a different girl dancing both times. Mom thinks they were the same girl.

School….. On vacation!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

today we went to the school Jim works at W.A.B but this time it was quite a bit cooler because I was with kids my age.I was in grade 5 alex was in grade 8 ( the grade we are missing WA WA ) : (
It was kind of funny because all the people at the tables were saying SIT HERE SIT HERE I ended up making friends with zdenek (it is pronuonced sdenek ) juran and thomas ryde I gave them my email address and the website address. The class subjects were haiku,social studies,math, Gym, language,s and lastly I got to show the class the wesite . My favorite subject was gym we did hockey Yah !!! 00

The Great Wall Of China

Monday, January 7th, 2008

A few days ago we went to the Great Wall of china it was quite like Machu Picchu except it was easer to look at because it was long not wide .we saw the sunrise peek over the mountain then we ate our breakfast (witch was very good) French toast Letty made it . There was only one tower with a stair case so you could go up to the top it was the second closest to the chair lift. We met a Canadian from sheer wood park born in India we also met some Aussie’s and one New Zealander they were all in the same tour group we went as far the gondola then we went back to the chair lift . I wanted to go further but Alex and mom were tired .

Places I want to go another time

Monday, January 7th, 2008

here are some place,s you should think aboat going and I wish we had gone

1 Florida
2 equator
3 Australia
4 Thailand
5 China
6 easter Island
7 Tanzania

The Incredible Beijing Acrobats

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Last night we saw a fantastic acrobat show. the first thing that happened was some men on a titer tater and a high board two men jumped off the high board and a man on one stilt ( both feet were tied to the pole) was on the other side he did a double flip in the air ( WOW ) they did this a few time,s but they did’t do it with a stilt all the time.Next three girls came out and started doing very difficult gymnastics you could not do it inless you practiced for 11 years or be born with it. Next we saw a man standing on a chair with eight bowl,s on his head. under the chair there were sholder pade,s beside the sholder pade,s were two girl,s .under the sholder pade,s was another man under the man was a board under the board was a wheal under the wheal was a table under the table was the floor. After that act some Girls were doing some tricks on biciyle,s the part that was really cool was they got 14 Girls on one Bike.

hopping along the ……

Monday, December 10th, 2007

bunny trail going to Laus and vietnam,china,india ,kenya,egypt,jordan too Italy,germany,france and U.K were gonna end up in canada Hhhhurray ya . anyway Dad said I had to a Blog so I came up with some things Like the song .(change of subject) We got into laus on december 6 (I,m not big on date,s so consder this lucky) we took a boat to a village/town where the chilldren had wooden tops that you needed string to wind up .the older chilldren were selling things to us. the next day we went to another village/town where all the chilldren where selling things there were many dogs one kept coming up to me so I desided to pet him he took tis as a conpelment and let me rub his stomache . we left shortly after. The money is interesting 5000 kip is 50 cents.
( what I think is amazing is that alex did not write this ) Missing you (espesialy my friends)

P.S notice I was Bitten By all the anamals (even the jellyfish dad forgot to put me on that)

P.S This is in top 4 Things

Missing home but Thailand’s great

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Hi everybody Just Thought I’d Let you Know that I am missing home but thailand is Great all though It pretty COLD +35 and it ain’t geten warmer Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Another thing please don’t remind me of Christmas it makes me sad : (


Thursday, November 8th, 2007



Experienced an earthquake
Missing Fort Smith:(
Rafting on rapids
Missing Fort Smith:(
Learnd spanish
Missing Fort Smith:(
Made lots of new friends(not just humans)
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to Poas volcano
Missing Fort Smith:(


Went to an area where an Earthquake/tsuami hit
Missing Fort Smith:(
Did and explored many areas of Machu Pichu
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to my first hot springs
Missing Fort Smith:(


Did a five day tour of galapagos islands,
and saw many strange and new animals,plants and stuff
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to the Equater (which was totally awesome!!!)
Missing Fort Smith:(

4.USA (only for a day in between flights)

First time in Las Angalas
Missing Fort Smith:(
Sat around and was bored for the whole day
Missing Fort Smith:(


Sydney Aquarium
Missing Fort Smith:(
Sydney Opera house tour
Missing Fort Smith:(
Sydney haurbor bridge climb
Missing Fort Smith:(
Made new friends (and stayed with one family)
Missing Fort Smith:(
Took surfing lesson
Missing Fort Smith:(
Saw first Kangaroo
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to first caves
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to town of 1170 and rode in a LARC
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went snorkling (and diving but only Alex and dad did that) on the GREAT BARROIR REEF!
Missing Fort Smith:(
Australia zoo (home of the crodile hunter)
Missing Fort Smith:(


Went to the Wild Wild Wet (waterpark)
Missing Fort Smith:(
Went to Escape (theme park)


Climbed Menara tower in KL (we actually took the elavater)(it doesn’t beet the CNtower)
Missing Fort Smith:(
Took the elavater up the Petronas twin towers up to a sky bridge
Missing Fort Smith:(
Took a tour of Penang Island (thats where we are, its kinda a state)
Missing Fort Smith:(


made a new friend
Missing Fort Smith:(
Grandma got here
Missing Fort Smith:(
saved a friend after he fell in a pool(he was 4 and the pool was over my head)
Missing Fort Smith:(
went on another rafting tour
Missing Fort Smith:(
Grandma Left here
Missing Fort Smith:(
started tour to laos
Missing Fort Smith:(


Went on boat tour



So as you can see in each and every country I have been missing Fort Smith, and all you guys!



Wonderful Water

Friday, August 17th, 2007

While we were watching TV Wednesday night, we heard that there might be a tsunami in this area. This tsunami warning was from the earthquake in Lima, Peru. I didn’t know about either until the next morning when Alex told me.

We have been going to the beach latley, almost everyday. Yesterday Alex got stung by a jellyfish and today I got stung too. I enjoy the water but not the high waves.

I lost my hat when we first got here and just on Thursday I lost my shirt. When we went to buy another, I lost the shirt I was wearing. On Friday we’re going to look for it.

So much happening!

Monday, August 13th, 2007

During the party I got to say Hi and Goodbye to all my friends. We played on a waterslide most of the time and when the waterslide had to be deflated, Uncle Troy deflated it while I was on top of it. So we got him back by squirting him with water.

We finished cleaning everything on Tuesday and we left at 2:00 pm. We got in High Level, and went swimming with the Gauthier’s. After swimming we went to eat. We stayed up until 11:00 eating and watched Hercules in the Gauthier’s room.

We had breakfast with the Gauthier’s the next day, and took pictures together before we started driving to Edmonton. Me and Alex watched Sabrina on the way there, it was a long drive to Edmonton. We had supper as soon as we got to Grandma Vi’s, and then we watched some TV, and went to sleep.

In the week in Edmonoton, we  visited with Grandma Vi, and then we visited Aunty Monique’s, and saw baby Dylan. We also went to Grandpa Ray’s new place for supper, and we went to Grandpa James new lake property.

Thursday we caught the plane and flew to Vancouver. From Vancouver we caught the plane to Los Angeles. At 2:00 AM, we boarded the third plane, and arrived in Costa Rica at 9:00 AM. We took a taxi to the bus stop, and travelled the last four hours to Quepos. The town seems nice so far. There are lots of Gehco’s around in the house which is cool! The sidewalks are kinda crappy, but we walked all around town today. The people we are staying with are VERY nice.