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Hot tub, Smott tub

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Written: Wednesday August 29 2007

Today we are in Agua Calliente. Translated from spanish to english it is Hot Water. Funny name for a town!!! It is named that because it has some hot springs, which we just came back from! It was only ok because it wasn’t o-natural. It was built with like 7 different pools. some are warmer, some have sand at the bottem and others are kinda shallow.
I think after being in the hot springs a hot tub will do nothing anymore, so now I have a reason not to go in!! Haha!! I never really liked hot tubs.
Tommorow we are doing some hiking( I think). Our leader will leave us for that day.
Well s’all for now bye!!!

No words can describe it… Machu Picchu!!!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Asounding! Amazing… remarkable…. stunningly beautiful…. No words can really do justice to the day we just experienced!

It was truly amazing and a dream all at the same time. We took a whole lot of pics… Tonight I´m working on finally uploading the last of the Costa Rica pics…

My only conclusion is that EVERYONE should come here once! (And more importantly, it doesn´t have to be near as expensive as we originally thought.)

(Thanks Ann!!!!! Yer awesome! I read your amex e-mail)

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Prices and old posts

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I finally updated the two older posts with the text from the Palm. They are from Aug 24 & Aug 26

Also, I uploaded the prices spreadsheet so far. If someone from Smith and Edm. could check on those similar items and e-mail me the Canadian price, I’ll add those to the spreadsheet as well. Thanks!

The link is:

Compressed Breathing in Cusco

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

We landed in Cusco late this morning and right away the smaller quantities of oxygen at this high altitude started affecting Claudette. Her chest felt slightly heavy, and a very slight (non-hurting) headache started forming in her frontal lobe. I followed suit with similar symptoms within an hour. We bought some pills that help to circulate oxygen in the bloodstream better, and if either of us gets worse at the base town of Machu P. tomorrow, we will take the perscription Altitude sickness pills we brought. The two kids seem unaffected so far but Luke is tired and needs a couple hours of downtime (just like his Momma).

The town here is very beautiful and nestled in the mountains with around 200,000 people. There are internet cafe’s in abundance! And our hotel is about 100m down a narrow lane (too small for cars) just off of the main square.

I’m doing backups right now but will upload some pics later tonight I hope…

Yet another time needed to catch up

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Right now we are in Cusco, Peru. We went through Lima were the earthquake hit, and it turns out there was no real damage there, and it barely got hit. Else where there is lots of damage and I think around 2000 people have died. glad we were not here!!!It is ok, but there are a few problems.
We are at a very highish altatude so we can get something called altatude sickness. You can feel like your chest is being compressed and sick to the stomach. The cure-ish, cafeine!!!! I haven´t been afected by the altatude yet but my parents have, and luke kinda has. We aren´t sure if we should give luke medacaton and make him even more hyper then he allready is!!!!!!
The other problem is they are people evry few steps who ask you if you want to buy something! Now it has kinda become a source of entertainment , because me and my dad learnt how to ask if it is free!:)
Other than those problems things are great!
Bye bye for now!!! Alex

Lima unleashed

Monday, August 27th, 2007

We landed mid this afternoon after a relatively uninteresting flight. The mountain range inland a ways looked pretty cool sticking out of the clouds. We dipped down through the clouds parallell to the range, and sure enough there was a beach and a runway below. Couldn´t really see much carnage from the quake. Some rooftops gone on a bunch of houses, but Claudette figures that they were normal. The epicenter was a little ways out of Lima apparently. We´ll get more info tomorrow.

The Lima airport had free wireless for phone use. Unfortunately I didn´t check or realize this until we were pretty much ready to leave. I´ll have the phone charged up for when we´re back there tomorrow though.

Our arranged ride didn´t show up at the airport and we were hounded by drivers looking for passengers. When we actually decided to take a cab we were (Honestly!) attacked by several cabbies. I specified that I only wanted a station wagon and they continued to fight over us. One driver was being helpful and was carrying the largest bag, but he went past the first station wagon taxi in line and kept on truckín several cars back. A fight nearly ensued, and extra cabbies from the two main companies were getting out of there cars and approaching to support their two different co-workers. In hockey I would have said I was álmost in the middle of a bench clearing brawl. The one guy was loading our bags in to his small station wagon, while the front of the line taxi is loudly arguing and trying to appeal to my sense of fairness, all in VERY loud voices. Claudette just ushered the kids into the backseat and closed the door to escape the melee. Before letting go of the last bag I was adamant about getting a price from the driver. He was playing dumb and saying,¨”yes, Hotel Cassalla, I will take you there” while I´m asking how much. Finally he tells me 65. My best look of shock didn´t deter him and he pulled out the rate “guide” paper showing how much from the airport to our neighborhood. Luckily we had looked at an example chart in the terminal and knew it should be less, (about 50). When I showed him the 51 price on his chart, he replied that no, that was for a small car. I went to unload the still open hatchback of our bags and yelled to Claudette (over top of the other still arguing cabbies) to get the kids out, cause we were going to find a Green Taxi (competeing company) who had a coordinator inside earlier, that would take us for only 50. At the sight of me unloading bags and yelling to Claudette, he siad no, no… of course he would do it for 50. $60 Peruvian Soles is $20 CAN by the way. The tour company will be reimbursing us for the fare as well, since their driver didn´t show up.

After taking a half hour to get setteled in at the hotel, (VERY nice & quaint, with two rooms) we met with our GAP tour leader. We are the only four booked and GAP still ran it, which is pretty cool. So, we get him to ourselves for the next 10 days to Machu P and the jungle tour. We had supper, then some amazing Churros (Costco´s are good, but these were simply AMAZING!) then the other three went back to the hotel. I went in search of a radio Shack to get a USB charger for my portable audio player, since my phone charge doesn´t work for it (even though they have the same connection type???). I´m off back to the hotel a few blocks away now.