Top 4 Lists

It’s always difficult to choose a single favorite of anything, but I (Claudette) found another family travel website that had kept a record of their top foods, sites, and activities in each country or region they visited. I thought it would be fun for us to do something similar, and we hope that in later years this will help us rekindle fond memories. I also figured it may prove useful to fellow travelers and give our friends and family back home something to laugh about.

Top Natural Wonders Visited

1. Galapogos Islands
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Serengeti National Park
4. Sunshine and Gold Coasts (North & South of Brisbane, Australia)

Top Manmade Wonders Visited

1. Machu Pichu. Peru
2. Taj Mahal, Agra, India
3. Great Wall of China, Beijing, China
4. Sydney Opera House, Australia

Top 4 Cities Visited

1. Brisbane, Australia ( great new friends)
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Kuala Lampur, Malysia
4. Beijing, China
Top 4 Activities

1. African Safari trough Tanzania
2. Galapogas Island Tour
3. Great Barrier Reef snorkelling and Scuba diving
4. Australia Zoo

Top 4 Places We’ve Stayed

1. Robert & Leesa-Maree Draycott/Jedras
2. Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
3. Lone Pine Hotel, Penang, Malasia
4. Maricella´s (our home stay in Quespos, Costa Rica)

Top Scary Events

1. Earthquakes, Costa Rica
2. Tsunami Alert, Costa Rica
3. Volcano Eruption in Tanzania
4. Galapagos boat ride (75 foot yaght) in semi rough seas (3m swells & 3 James’ sick)

Top Animal Bites we Have Sustained

1. Luke, by a dog he was leaning down to pet, Costa Rica, 2007-08
2. Alex and luke by a “Medusa” jellyfish swimming on Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica, 2007-08
3. Luke, by a parrot in Peru, 2007-08
4. Luke, by a pet monkey, Laos, 2007-12

Regrets So Far
1. Not having time to see the Three Gorges dam and explore Western China
2. Not going to the far end of the “open” section of the Great Wall to see the original, unrepaired crumbling section.
3. Flying Business Class once and getting a taste of what we can’t afford again.
4. Not having enough time to spend with other long term traveling families that we’ve met

Crazy Uncles, or family members looking after Pete

1. Uncle Den
2. Auntie Debbie (she’s not really an Uncle, but she owns Uncle Den and thus by extension, counts…)
3. Grandma Vi, (cause she adoped this poor four legged family member who was thrust upon her and VERY quickly grew to love and miss him. Good thing Uncle Den is looking after Pete when Grandma Vi abandonned him!
4. Elizibeth & Jacob, Uncle Den’s great kids who are helping to spoil Pete while the five of us are away. (She gets first billing cause she can pick up the frozen, hardened, non-runny poop by using an inverted plastic bag, and she doesn’t require use of a huge and obtrusive shovel.)

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